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The Misadventures Of Captain Comedy! (Issue #1)
Published 10 months ago
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This is the first part of my new series. (Beginning of issue) It was a rainy day in Europe. One of the people walking down the sidewalk was young Steve Rogers. "Where are we going?'" he asked the lady walking next to him. "Wait and see" she replied. Rogers had attempted to join the army. But when he did. He failed on his training. But his boss saw his true potential, so he made this lady take him to a secret area. "Are we there yet?" he asked the lady "We are almost there" she said in a tired voice. Steve noticed a old bookstore. They walked in. "What are we here for?" he asked. She didn't reply. Instead she grabbed a book from the bookshelf to reveal a red button. "Stand back" she said to him. He stood back as she clicked the button. The bookshelf opened and revealed a hallway! They both walked through the hallway and down a staircase. To his surprise, it was a science lab! A man came over and greeted them. "I am Dr. blueberry, but call me blueberry" the man said "And I have created the comedy serum, it makes you stronger, sillier, and a true soldier!" He continued. "So how does this work?" Steve asked. "Just come and sit down!" Blueberry answered. Steve sat on the table and got ready. A light came over him as a needle hit his leg. It stayed there for ten seconds and then Dr. blueberry pulled it out. "I have injected you with the comedy serum! You are now captain comedy!" blueberry said. Steve punched the table and to his surprise, it broke in half! "I will repair that later" blueberry said. (End of issue #1) hope you like it. Bye for now.
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