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Living Destiny (Chapter 1)
Published 2 months ago
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—Chapter 1—
Right now Mark and I are running for our lives. Ya know, let’s just start from the beginning....
I woke up. Terrified. “MOONLIGHT IS WANTED IN THE MEETING ROOM. MOONLIGHT IS WANTED IN THE MEETING ROOM.” a voice said from a speaker “Aw man! Late for meeting, again!” I climbed down a latter leading to the ground. After the whole ‘Black Mind defeated’ thing, we all moved in our own rooms. One for the girls and one for the boys. I share a bunk with Lisa, I’m at the top and she’s at the bottom, and there’s other bunks for the other agents as well. I quickly changed into my suit and walked out the door. I almost bumped into people as I ran to the meeting room. When I entered Fury stopped talking and everyone looked at me “Jade, nice of you to join us.” Fury said. I walked over to the back of the group, next to Lisa and Mark “Why didn’t you wake me up?” I asked Lisa, while still looking in front of me “I tried. You wouldn’t budge” she informed. Then she must’ve not been trying hard enough. “What’d I miss?” I asked “Ehh the usual. Ohh and there’s some new agents.” said Lisa “We’ve seen some sightings of suspicious activity around Manhattan.” Fury stated. The room began to fill with chatter. Fury cleared his throat “Agents Jade, Mark and August will go check it out. Lisa, if it’s fine with you, April needs more advice on fighting techniques.” Fury said “Great...” I heard Lisa say sarcastically. April waved with a smile. She does not like this. “That’s it.” Fury said. Everyone started walking out of the room. When I was about to leave Fury stopped me “There’s roomers that the cause might be related Black Mind. Be carful.” “We, we’ll try.” I said. Fury nodded and I walked out. I walked out. Mark and August were waiting for me “Are you ready?” August asked “Yeah...yep. I’m ready!” I nervously answered “You sure? Ya don’t sound so sure.” Mark said “It’s nothing. I’m fine, really.” I reassured. Really.....I wasn’t.
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1 month ago
Just started reading this right now and gotta say this is Pretty Amazing..!
34 models | 906 views
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