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Super Star Destroyer Mark VIII
Published 2 years ago
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Spaceship again, different universe this time.

I always loved the Super Star Destroyer but when LEGO finally came out with one, well, it was simply too expensive for me.
And too large to display anywhere. Also, I didn’t like the flat bottom of the official set.

This one I fully intend to build in real life, if I can get all the parts.

I can’t take full credit for the construction, though.
I found this version below and the main hull plating was just too perfect in accuracy so I copied it as best I could.


There are quite a few midi SSDs out there, but I was always unhappy with the superstructure, the city section.
Although in the movie it appears to be one huge mass from a distance, it certainly is not. There are a lot of trenches and gaps when you look just a little closer. It also has a very distinct silhouette that I wanted the model to imitate (as best as LEGO allows it) I had to simplify it a lot but I am pretty happy with the result.

I also managed to avoid a flat dorsal section. The hardest part was to fit in the hangar bay.

Feedback is welcome, building tips as well.
I paid close attention to make sure everything aligned correctly and nothing intersects.
Should you discover any detail that won’t work in real RL, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

So, I actually build this beauty.
Of course, like everything transitioning from blueprint to reality, I encountered some problems. Mainly stability issues, I had to rework the rear so I could reinforce the hull plating of the "tail".
The whole model is not terrible sturdy, but still more than enough for display puposes.
Also, attaching the ventral plating was far easier than anticipated.
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2 years ago

wow, just....wow.
1 year ago
Thats a pog ship. Great job on the dtails
7 models | 943 views
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