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SOLD: Kodak Knights #1
Published 1 year ago
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15 years...

Everything is gone...

Almost all of our kind, Mecabrikians, have been corrupted, all dead...

My last sight in those 15 years...

My friends. Dead. All of them.

All because of that one idiot...

Then I was knocked out.

I had a vision of thinking it was all a dream...

But I woke up 15 years later and found out I was sent out to a different universe.

I mean, how STUPID was I back then?

Just because of reading a FRICKIN' NEWSPAPER and then THIS?!

I even INFILTRATED the MOON and helped someone who I thought was innocent...

But no.

There are 2 of that same guy...

Forgot his name, but I think it was the Neon Ninja?

One joined my side, while the other was from the future, went back 5 years, and started the apocalypse while we were on the moon.

Now I fear they joined sides, and combined to be a more powerful being...



(So. I know what you're thinking: The HECK was that? Well, I'm continuing the start of a journey of an old friend of mine. CJ. He started the Neon Ninja, then the Apocalypse, while I worked on a prequel series: The Neon Ninja: Silver Stories. Then I made the sequel series SOLD, and it's been pretty much a year since I've continued the series, so I decided to start this: SOLD Kodak Knights. And ever since, CJ left again, so I'm doing this in honor of him. This is for you, old friend. And to everyone else who's been following me along the way, thank you for giving me hope in continuing my journey throughout this platform. Mecabricks isn't just a website anymore. It's a place to tell stories. A place to hang out. And a place to make friends.)

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1 year ago
Very cringe, can't u like do this on wattpad instead of a LEGO digital building site
by tg
254 models | 19.5k views
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