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LEGO Ideas: Fantasy Castle
Published 2 months ago
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Recreate endless different fantasy battles and stories with this epic citadel. Adventure and excitement await as you explore the many rooms in the castle, and fight the fearful foes! Will the goblins take the castle? Or will your heroes save the day? It's up to you to decide with the Fantasy Castle!

Please, please support this project on LEGO Ideas here:

And also check out my video for it here:

Thanks so much for checking this out! Please comment your thoughts!
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2630 pieces
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2 months ago
Epic! Already supported!
1 month ago
AWESOME!i would support but i don't have an ideas account
1 month ago
@Jcreations912 Anytime!
1 month ago
Very nice! I like that you also have one built from real bricks. Supported!
1 month ago
NIce job! I like how you showed an example of how it could be used with a huge landscape. Good luck on Lego Ideas!
1 month ago
Thanks so much you two!! I appreciate it!
1 month ago
Wow, so u built this on Mecabricks too? That's pretty crazy.
1 month ago
@CommanderBrick I always like to build my models digitally so then when I break them up in real life (which often happens very quickly), I can still build them again if I want to! I also do it to find the exact number of pieces!
1 month ago
Yeah I do, but I haven't submitted anything on the Stud.io gallery... yet! I probably will do though! Is it a good way to share models?
1 month ago
I have shared a few things on my Studio gallery and I think the brick link community is a lot larger than on Lego Ideas. The builds in my gallery get a completely different amount of attention then on Mecabricks or Lego Ideas. For instance, my bakery (300 supports on Lego Ideas) has been viewed 1500 times on brick link, whereas my castle (240 supports on Lego Ideas) has been viewed 228 times. It is in my opinion a good place to share your model because you can put links in your description to where it can be supported on Lego Ideas, but you don't get very much (if any) feedback in my case. It also is very easy to upload. This is a longer comment than I realized!
1 week ago
I love all castle models and this one is really good!
Supporting it! hope you get to 10K!
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