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Chapter 4
Published 2 months ago
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YEEEEEEESH!!! This chapter took FOREVER to get out, but here you go!

Nicholas darted down the shadowed, yet artificially lit streets of Yom Partin city. He pulled back the throttle of his RN-3 Cop Class Glazer (the signature patrol speeder for most city peace officers), and let the engine roar. This was his first solo mission, after three years of waiting. Well, it wasn’t necessarily a mission, he was just on patrol, but it was something none the less. He was assigned several streets in the cities lowest level. The lowest, just as it sounded, was the worst part of the city. While the towers and overpasses rose and became more complex and ritzy while the did, the lowest area became more crumby as the years past. Getting assigned here excited him. He wasn’t doing this for the money, but to truly serve. The more dangerous or dirty the job, the more opportunity.

Suddenly, his first opportunity shot before his eyes. A MOC-7 Thruster Beast blasted across his path and down another narrow street, apparently having left the speed limit in the dust a while back. Nicolas immediately cranked up the speed to an even higher level and turned down to follow. Thruster Beasts were faster than their name implied, and were common among rich thugs, or expert thieves. Nicholas couldn’t catch up with it by pure engine power, but that’s why he didn’t rely on the speed alone. He adjusted the guns of his ride and aimed directly into the burning exhaust of the speeders right engine, then fired. A blue blast whistled through the air and dove directly into the flame which sputtered into a puff of smoke, and then coughed back into life again. The Galactic Police armed most of their patrol Glazers with with engine tranquilizer weapons. They would kill the engine from the inside, in hopes of avoiding explosions and damage that were more likely to come from live fire. It would sometimes take more than one shot to bring about a complete kill however, especially with something powerful like a Thruster Beast.

The speeding craft’s pilot had noticed his pursuer now, and so Nicholas lit up his lights and sounded the siren. Technically, he should have done this already, but he preferred to sneak up on his pray while he could. Taking aim again he fired, and just missed the engine as the MOC-3 jotted to the left for a split second. This would take a while, now that he’d been noticed. The chase went on in this way for another minute or two. Finally the criminal swerved up a spiraling ramp and into a higher level of the city. An open marketplace was to his left, which he gunned down past the dozens of cheering or startled people. Nicholas would have to be all the more careful with his shots, knowing that a misfire could result in harm for someone else.

They turned down an avenue, Nicholas loosing a lot of ground. The thug was reckless and cared little for anyone else around, while Nicholas, apart from not wanting to hurt anyone himself, was obligated to keep citizens as safe as he could while on any mission. Suddenly, as if it were by luck, the vehicle before him sputtered and slowed down a notch, perhaps his shot had done more than he’d realized. He could hear the vehicles owner trying to force the engine to a higher speed again, but it wasn’t complying. Another groan from the Beast narrowed their distance, and then another. Knowing this could be his best chance, Nicholas kept his gears in top notch. He was gaining on him now, and fast, this however turned to his disadvantage. He found himself suddenly flying past the speeder. The criminal had faked the malfunction, stopping just as Nicholas got close enough, causing him to fly past without realizing what had happened. He turned and fled back down the way they’d come, and into a broad ally.

“Cheat!” Nicholas shouted, readying himself to turn about but having to wait for another craft to pass on his left. He felt like an idiot, and feared he’d lost his man. Racing back he darted into and though the ally, quickly coming out on the other end. He was on a different street now, and suddenly gained hope when he spotted the powerful vehicle. It was docked now, outside a loud and noisy night club. Nicholas stopped his own speeder outside the building, grimacing at the ear piercing screams and laughter from inside the well lit building. A group of people yelled something from a dark corner where they puffed cigars, their voices slurred and hard to understand. It had probably been some kind of disrespectful comment about his position, cops were hated among these crowds, but Nicholas didn’t give it a care. He was on a mission, and his catch could be anyone in the chaotic crowd before him. This was going to be interesting, but hard.

Striding over to the Thruster Beast he peered inside the roofless cab, hoping to find some kind of evidence about whom he was looking for. He picked up a very large black leather jacket and flipped it around, then smiled. Printed on it was a serpents skull with a body of fire trailing behind. This was the symbol of a well known gang known as the Coiled. Though this gang wasn’t a criminal organization, its member were often arrested for various felonies. It was also the custom of each member to have their symbol tattooed onto his or her left arm. While it should be noted that there could be more than one member from this gang in the the bistro, it was unlikely. The Coiled were mostly loyal to their own privet clubs, and Nicholas was pretty certain this guy had only run in here to get lost in the crowd; things were looking favorable.

He made his way slowly into the hazy and crowded environment, getting flashes from lights, reflections, and people all around him. Looking down at his armor he started to wish he’d brought his helmet on the mission, which is what the cops were usually noticed by. While many would still recognize him as an officer, it might take longer than usual, and recognition could potentially bring more respect. His thoughts shifted however upon realizing that he might not want to be noticed. If this gang member was looking for a helmeted figure, then he might glance over Nicholas without realizing who he was. Keeping his gaze forward he carried on, looking around for anyone with a tattoo. There were lots of course, but none matching the flaming serpent.

A smooth pair of hands running down his left shoulder and arm, accompanied by the enchanting voice of a female whispering in his ear startled him, but he forcefully pushed the stranger off and tried to keep his attention forward. This place was despicable. A torrent full of things that, though currently disgusted him, would come back to haunt and tempt him later. He stepped out a pair of doors and onto a large balcony lined with half to fully drunken couples, seated at tables, or on the floor. He placed his hands on the railing and looked down, observing what looked like a fifty foot drop to the wet concrete below.

“Nasty drup isn’t it,” a middle aged man said from a nearby seat, drawing Nicholas’ attention away. “I slaw someone get frone off the other night. Thinking about joining them ociffer?” A red headed woman seated next to him sputtered and laughed, Nicholas just stared bluntly at the two.

“I’m looking for a member of the Coiled, have you seen one.”

“Not here,” the man said, raising his eyebrows and looking into his drink.

“Have you looked at one of their blubs,” she laughed agin, noticing her own mistake. “I mean clubs.”

“No,” he turned to go, believing these two to be of no help, when suddenly something struck his gut and sent him staggering to the ground, his back slamming into the metal rail behind him. Looking up through misty eyes he viewed the form of a large fellow, about a foot taller than himself, who wore a black visored helmet and, and pointed a blaster at him. His bare arms bulged, and across the left one was a familiar tattoo. A sudden sense of dread came upon him, as he realized the figure wasn’t just his opponent, but was holding his gun; he’d stolen it.

“Shouldn’t be out so late, li’l boy,” he said gruffly. “You could get hurt.”

“Hold on,” the drunk fellow who’d previously been talking said, rising to his feet and swiftly, yet clumsily, pulling out his own gun. “I don’t want another squald of troopers com’n in here, and I don’t care who you are.” In that same instant, several other people pulled out weapons of their own, aiming at different people. Some had taken sides, and others just wanted an excuse to kill. Nicholas took the sudden distraction to make a move, quickly relating to his feet and lunging forwards. Shots rang out that same instant, and he felt the blast of his own gun strike his arm, causing the whole limb to go numb. He didn’t let it stop him though, but slammed his body into the attackers, and then springing upwards, using the top of his head to smack the man’s chin. His vision threatened to leave for a second of pain, be he forced his senses to stay alert and ripped the blaster free from the big fellow’s grasp with his free arm, and then shot him in the chest. He turned around and fired at a few more people who openly possessed weapons.

“Put away your guns and stop firing!” Nicholas shouted, turning this way and that. Everyone’s gaze was on him now, some snickering, others serious. One man tried to nail Nicholas with a blast, but took poor aim and was soon sent to the floor. “I said put away your guns and stop.” After a moment of deadlock, the people appeared to obey, and Nicholas cautiously went back to his work. Kneeling down beside the fallen victim he pulled out a pair of cuffs and did his best fasten the man’s hands behind his back, only able to use one arm. The gangster wasn’t dead, and neither was anyone else who Nicholas had shot. His gun had only been on stun mode.

Reaching into a small pouch on his belt his retrieved a small cylinder like object, with a red button near its head. A Pocket Shock, as most called it. It was used to reverse the affects of a stun weapon. Nicholas could only use it once, and he only had one of them with him, but there was another back at his speeder. Contemplating for a few seconds on whether he should use it on himself, or the criminal, he finally decided to go with the latter option. Placing the object on the man’s neck he flipped the switch, sending a jolting pulse into the body which caused him to jerk suddenly.

“On your feet,” Nicholas said, taking a step backwards and holding up his gun. The man groaned as he rose to his knees, looked around, and then spat with a curse under his breath. “Remember, you have a right to remain silent and whatever else they told me to say back in class,” Nicholas said. Laughter filled the room, and things began to ripple back into life. The cuffed man rose to his feet and, with Nicholas right behind him, reluctantly made his way out the doors, through the dock, and into the cell compartment of Nicholas’ craft. Once he was securely locked up, Nicholas made his way around to the side other side of the craft where the pilots seat was. He pressed a button and a small side door opened, revealing an organized assortment of items. Pulling out another shocker he placed it to his right arm and let it work its magic. It hurt, but not terribly. Placing the item back into the compartment he shut to door and waved is arm around, letting the life flow back into it. Click, the familiar sound of a readied weapon met his ears from behind, followed by a few more. Slowly, Nicholas turned around to see about six men holding up blasters. It was the Coiled, well, a few of them.

“You’ve got our man,” a short yet heavy voiced fellow said from behind his large rifle.

“Well,” Nicholas paused, dread weighing his body down. He’d been doing well, at least for his first mission, but he should probably have been more carful. Nothing was ever easy. He opened his moth to continue, but was cut short as the squeal of a siren and flashing lights ripped through the night, police vehicles appears at both ends of the street. Lasers flashed before his eyes, and Nicholas dove to the ground and rolled under the Glazer to avoid getting struck in the crossfire. Once on the other side, he switched his blaster to live fire and rounded the end of his speeder to take part in the fight, which to both his relief, and slight disappointment, had ended as quickly as it had started.

Cops now flooded the street, and the six men, along with a few others scattered around, were either dead or stunned. He was still alive, and still in possession of his catch. How the others had known to come he wasn’t sure however, and, though the desire to leave was strong, he lingered knowing that he might be needed. An uneasy feeling began to rise in his gut. He’d broken more rules than he might admit, and knew someone was likely going to get frustrated over this. That didn’t change his mind on things though, he was reckless, and would be that way to the end.

“Nicholas Turner!” The commanding voice of a familiar officer came from behind him, and to his left. He spun around to face Sergeant Awkfirm. “Trooper where is your helmet?” The officer commanded.

“I forgot it sir, intentionally.” The sergeant stopped abruptly at this remark, as if he’d been startled.

“You what?” The tone is Awkfirm’s voice was nothing but perplexed.

“Forgot it intentionally,” he couldn’t help but smile as he said this, knowing that it was utterly ridiculous.

“Are you mocking me rookie?” He asked angrily.

“No sir. I’m just stating a fact.”

“You’ve got a lot of explaining to do, and you’re going to report to the head in command as soon as we’re finished here. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” Nicholas said with a nod. Things were going to be interesting, but to his favor nonetheless.


The deep gray doors slid open before Nicholas, and behind them lay the well furnished room of Enya Airtron. Her skin was a light blue, which contrasted with her dark brown hair. She was a Crete, as they were called, a race of humans that had been genetically modified years ago. Though the act of modification was outlawed shortly after it had began, the race of altered beings reproduced and grew in number. There were five groups, each marked by a different color or shade of skin. The light blues ones, like Enya, were called Leers; the dark blue Lorafs; the magenta Layts; the violet Leeths; and the lime green Laytron. Each supposedly having different abilities, and each setting up their own societies in different parts of the galaxy. How and why Enya Airtron had left her home, and now was head of the Galactic Police, Nicholas couldn’t say.

She was seated behind a smooth, dark, and sturdy desk with a massive curved window behind her, which viewed the busy city. Her face was both young and pretty, but her firm gaze and stern personality usually kept anyone from dwelling, or even noticing these qualities. Nicholas felt slightly nervous coming in, but knew his business and didn’t feel in the wrong. He’d be fine, hopefully.

“Nicholas,” she began, “I’ve received reports that on your patrol earlier tonight you purposefully left without proper uniform, delayed in applying your siren after immediately coming across criminal activity, and neglected to contact backup or at least raising awareness as to what was going on.”

“All minor issues,” he said with a shrug. “I still caught the criminal, without hurting anyone or damaging property.”

Enya didn’t look impressed. “You were almost killed in the end, and still broke protocol.”

“How did the backup know to show up anyways?” Nicholas questioned, not trying to change the subject and only doing so out of pure curiosity.

“We have surveillance on all rookies, which was how we know you didn’t use your siren like you should have.” Nicholas hadn’t thought about that. “That is besides the point though. You broke the rules, and Awkfirm said you mocked him. I honestly don’t care if you did, because he’s an idiot,” Nicholas smirked at this, fully understanding her point, “however you’re commanded to respect those higher in command. What do you have to say?”

“Well to be completely honest, I wasn’t mocking the sergeant, only stating the truth. Well sorta. Second, I still got the job done. Maybe it wasn’t as clean and ordered as you like, but it worked.”

“It also worked when you destroyed the simulator room.” Her tone was as dry as ever, but brought an enjoyable memory to Nicholas’ mind. Towards the end of his training, his squad had been put against another, and the victors would advance, while the others would be subject to three more weeks of classes and drills. His team had been in a bad situation towards the end, and Nicholas had discovered alternative tactics to keep them alive, and ultimately lead them to victory.

“That also worked for me.” He tried to keep his tone under control, despite feeling both dread and an excited sense of accomplishment. Enya just sighed.

“Nicholas, my point still stands. We have regulations here to keep things clean, because we have civilians and property we don’t want to risk damaging. You’re not facing the Talon, you’re going against common criminals and ignorant juveniles. The guidelines we hold too will get the job done, whether you like them or not.”

“Well, you can solve the situation by simply putting me up against a higher threat.”

“What are you implying?”

“Put me up against the Talon, that’s why I came.”

“No one comes here to solely fight the Talon, Nicholas, that’s foolish.”

“Then maybe I’m a fool.”

“You’re a child, and need to grow up.” These last words were a bit harsher than Enya would have liked, but she was frustrated with the newly graduated recruit.

“Well,” Nicholas shrugged, letting the insult pass by like a harmless breeze, “at least I’m motivated.”

“Dismissed!” Enya said bluntly with a wave of her hand, turning her attention to whatever she’d been occupied with before he’d come. Nicholas obeyed her command and left, blowing out a deep sigh of relief and letting a large smile lighten his face.

That was easy,” he whispered to himself.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24! Let's go Brandon
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2 months ago
Must secure first comment Nice!!
2 months ago
although, "its member were often arrested for various felines."

so it only has one member, and he/she is arested because of cats...
2 months ago
@Fireblade Thanks
you failed

@Justy Thanks and
felines! Why would you stick that in there...? there were no felines, maybe you meant 'felonies'. There were never any felines though... nope, no, no... don't think so... nope! I'm not lying either, or making up... or covering anything. No, No I'm not. Just forget about it and move forward, there was no mistake... not even one. Nope... NOPE!!!
2 months ago
@Justy Also, you spelling of 'Interesting' is very eenteresteeng...
hidden texts should be responded to via hidden text... one of the most important rules in Mecabricks XD
2 months ago
I actually thought, right after I posted it that I should have made it invisimibel...
2 months ago
Very, very cool chapter, Greenie! Your writing has improved a ton! It's always been good, but it's had a lot of big improvement lately. Also, I like that sneaky introduction of the Layts, well done. You wrote this chase quite well, but the chapter wasn't all action, I'm very, impressed! Makes me want to render this in some way . . . hmm . . . .
2 months ago
@Operator Thank you! I really don't know how my writing is
. It's hard as an author to understand what needs work, as far as clarity. I have the story in my head, so it generally makes sense to me. However, no one else does... so I can't be sure of their takes on things. It is encouraging to hear compliments though, especially from someone who used to (in a good way) criticizes everything I wrote
... and probably still could if he wanted to
. Anyways, yes, I loved sneaking in the Layts as well.

@Guitarman2 Thanks! Are we turning in a justy
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