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RN-3 Cop Class Glazer
Published 7 months ago
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7 months ago
Must secure first comment Nice!!
7 months ago
although, "its member were often arrested for various felines."

so it only has one member, and he/she is arested because of cats...
7 months ago
@Fireblade Thanks
you failed

@Justy Thanks and
felines! Why would you stick that in there...? there were no felines, maybe you meant 'felonies'. There were never any felines though... nope, no, no... don't think so... nope! I'm not lying either, or making up... or covering anything. No, No I'm not. Just forget about it and move forward, there was no mistake... not even one. Nope... NOPE!!!
7 months ago
@Justy Also, you spelling of 'Interesting' is very eenteresteeng...
hidden texts should be responded to via hidden text... one of the most important rules in Mecabricks XD
7 months ago
I actually thought, right after I posted it that I should have made it invisimibel...
7 months ago
Very, very cool chapter, Greenie! Your writing has improved a ton! It's always been good, but it's had a lot of big improvement lately. Also, I like that sneaky introduction of the Layts, well done. You wrote this chase quite well, but the chapter wasn't all action, I'm very, impressed! Makes me want to render this in some way . . . hmm . . . .
7 months ago
@Operator Thank you! I really don't know how my writing is
. It's hard as an author to understand what needs work, as far as clarity. I have the story in my head, so it generally makes sense to me. However, no one else does... so I can't be sure of their takes on things. It is encouraging to hear compliments though, especially from someone who used to (in a good way) criticizes everything I wrote
... and probably still could if he wanted to
. Anyways, yes, I loved sneaking in the Layts as well.

@Guitarman2 Thanks! Are we turning in a justy
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