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Published 3 months ago
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Michael Moore/spider-man
Height: 5'9"
Age: 16
Place of birth: Chicago, Il
Occupation: High School Student
Aliases: Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Webhead Webslinger, Mike.
Powers: Can adhere to most surfaces superhuman strength (lift up to 10 tons) Exceptional agility web-shooters allow for rapid travel from point to point Spider-sense acts as an early warning enabling the avoidance of most injuries. Pro quipper. Oh and has Titanium arms that are controlled by his mind to help him with the toughest of foes.
*may contain medium spoilers for Spider-Man Ps4.
Origin: After the original spider-mans takedown of Wilson Fisk Michael wondered if he could replicate his powers. He got as far as making his own web-shooters with taser functionality, pressure settings web bombs, Spider-ARMS(Advanced Rotating Mechanisms), and more but never was able to create his powers. Michael went with his father James Moore, who was a scientist on the devil's breath project, to see Mayor Osborn for a meeting in his penthouse. While the mayor and his dad were talking Michael used the prototype combat helmet to find a structural weakness in his wall behind a portrait of him and his son. After scouring the apartment for clues and distracting sable he found out that the code was harry's last day and when it was. He found some spiders and got bit. Then he got out and waited for his dad. The spider gave him the ability to control electronics like a remote control. (If you're reading this you've probably played the game and finished it so it works basically like miles hacking app.)
He did some training with a copy of mile's suit so no one would know and then became another spiderman. (Marvel-verse tie in) One day a portal appeared and sucked him and his parents in. The portal was caused by the events of the spider-verse movie but for some reason was redirected to earth 199999 (AKA the MCU) in new york.
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3 months ago
So he is from originally from Earth-1048?
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