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John 117 - The Master Chief
Published 2 years ago
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"There won't be a home until we stop the Banished."
-Master Chief on installation 07

This is a MOC of the iconic Mljonr (probably spelt that wrong) Armor seen in Halo Infinite, this project has been through many forms, from a basic recolor of NGCHunter2 and chicken8bob's Master Chief model, to something now even supports different armor sets!

Thank to all of those who've shown interest in Halo models on mecabricks over the years, we've gotten this far already, and I hope to see more awesome models made by you guys in the future!
The original models can be seen down below!

NGCHunter2's Master Chief model: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/DoK2wBgJa9k

chicken8bob's Master Chief model:
I am not affaliated with 343 industries, everything belongs to their repsective owners. Also please Mecabricks staff, stop deleting Halo renders, or atleast explain why.
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2 years ago
wow the dedication you put into this
2 years ago
Pretty insane how you "built" the helmet out of existing pieces. And for that I applaud you.
2 years ago

BTW, for the renders, make sure to read the rules. I think there's one rule that is pretty important
2 years ago
And no, I will not be re-uploading the render. Use your imagination.
2 years ago
This is the best master chief on Mecabricks by far!
2 years ago
Could I change it up a bit with my armor business technique? If not that’s ok.
2 years ago
How did it take 2 years to make if you have only been on Mecabricks for 7 months?
2 years ago
I'm guessing he started this in 2020, and then finished the build this year.
2 years ago
I've been on Mecabricks since august of 2019.
My description is very outdated.
2 years ago
when you say '2 years', do you mean all the time. together you spend in workshop or you made a little part of it everyday, over the span of 2 years
2 years ago
@me_Pink Ever since I posted the model seen here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/kOjLbNxXax6
I've been working and inerating on it. Changing bits a peices and changing things to fit what I was originally going for, at the same time I was improving my Mecabricks talent, changing things up to see how it looked, and scrapping things along the way.
2 years ago
Yeah, I guess. My timing was WAY off? I'll go ahead and update the description.
2 years ago
I assumed it was 2019, because the E3 2019 discover hope trailer just came out back then.
2 years ago
Wait, thats illegal
1 year ago
This Halo Project has been cancelled for a long time, don't expect anything from it. I have moved on to bigger and better things regarding Mecabricks (which may or may not be Ninjago related.)
Anyways, as a final send off to this project, is a recreation of the Halo 2 pose seen here:

Thank you for staying patient with me, more stuff will be coming soon!
- Brian.
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