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Brainiac’s Revenge: Season 2: Episode 4: The Battle between Reece and Brainiac! (Part 1)
Published 4 months ago
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Before this episode starts. Someone has died. His name was Jake. He inspired the Ninjago character of the same name that appeared in Season 11: Episodes 8 and 9. You shall be missed but you shall not be forgotten.

Brainiac: We will get rid of ChuckZilliaTime first! We will go back to when ChuckZilliaTime joined the heroes!

Chen: Ok!

ChuckZilliaTime from Episode 11: Hello, My name is ChuckZillaTime.

Reece from Episode 11: The new member’s name is ChuckZillaTime.

Reece: I hope Brainiac fails to alter the timeline!

ChuckZillaTime from Episode 11: Allow me to include myself.

Reece from Episode 11: Sure.

ChuckZillaTime from Episode 11: Hello, I’m ChuckZillaTime, A KFOL, On the same website this story is on, I made up a saga that I stole TheRealChonkey’s brick with MOCmaster then Reece and TheRealChonkey got the brick back and defe....

Reece from Episode 11: We have bigger problems! Brainiac is here! Lucky! A Reece will defeat them!

Reece: Hi! me from when I first seen ChuckZilliaTime! I’m from the future!

Present Reece and the heroes from Episode 11: We will stop them!

Brainiac: I’m going back to the time machine with Chen and Daisy and make you stuck here forever!

Reece: We need to follow them quickly!

Brainiac: Darn! They went with us!

Daisy: We couldn’t erase ChuckZilliaTime so we will try to erase j2fam77! TheSpyderBrick! TheRealChonkey! and LegoCommanderBacura!

Brainiac: Ok!

Reece from Episode 3: MOCMaster! My allies are waiting for you and they came after I got to the lab and they are at my house waiting for me!

MOCMaster from Episode 3: I see it it’s blue and your allies are on the window.

TheSpyderBrick and the others from Episode 3: Reece is here now yay yay!

Reece from Episode 3: MOCMaster and I are here now everyone.

j2jam77 from Episode 3: Give us the plans for your team to stop this green ailen and his creepy ally.

Reece from Episode 3: Hi and what are your names

j2fam77 from Episode 3: My name is J2jam and I telling the names of your other allies their names are MOCMaster TheSpyderBrick TheRealChonkey and LegoCommanderBacara.

Reece from Episode 3: My plan is to stop Brainiac and Chen and the many villains they plan to bring back from the dead and to get the alive ones and turn the once evil heroes back to bad and bring back the Chitauri and we have to split to 2 teams my team with 2 other people and a other team with 2 people.

All of the heroes except for Reece from Episode 3: WHAT TEAM WE GOING TO BE ON?!

Reece from Episode 3: I tell you now on My Team is me LegoCommanderBacara and TheRealChonkey.

MOCMaster from Episode 3: Hey I wanted to be on his team (Angers)!

Reece from Episode 3: On the other team is MOCMaster and TheSpyderBrick.

MOCMaster from Episode 3: HEY! Can I be on Reece’s team?!

Reece from Episode 3: You and LegoCommanderBacara play a quiz the one to get most questi....

Reece from Episode 3: Brainiac is here!

Reece: Join us!

All of the heroes from Episode 3: Sure!

Reece from Episode 3: Reece! Are you from the future?

Reece: Yes!

Brainiac: I want them to stay here forever!

Reece and his residence: We are going in!

Brainiac: Oh no!

Daisy: We have failed to erase them but if we erase MOCmaster then we will have 1 hero down!

Brainiac: Ok! But if you fail then we will erase Reece!

Daisy: Ok!

Reece from Episode 2: Where is their base.

The person that said Brainiac’s headquarters is near Reece in Episode 2: It’s near you

Reece from Episode 2: I see it I shall enter in.

Brainiac from Episode 2: Hi Reece mind if you have a party with us

Chen from Episode 2: Can you join the party

Reece from Episode 2: Nope and never you are my enemies and I will stop you.

Brainiac from Episode 2: Really you’re no match for Brainiac.

Chen from Episode 2: You’re our prisoner now.

Reece from Episode 2: Why I am a prisoner in your stupid place and party.

Brainiac from Episode 2: We will bring back the Bacon Colonel back.

Brainiac and Chen from Episode 2: We will bring you back in 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! He is back

Bacon Colonel: Hi I am back and what are your names.

Brainiac from Episode 2: My name is Brainiac and my ally’s name is Chen.

Bacon Colonel: Awesome names and our party starts now.

MOCMaster from Episode 2: Not so fast baddies this lab belongs to me.

Brainiac, Chen and Bacon Colonel from Episode 2: What!

MOCMaster from Episode 2: Hi prisoner of the baddies what is your name.

Reece from Episode 2: My name is Reece and you’re MOCMaster can you free me now!

MOCMaster from Episode 2: Sure thing Reece.

Reece from Episode 2: You handle the bad guys I get my iPad.

Brainiac from Episode 2: What the Reece took his iPad but we still fighting a ally of Reece’s.

MOCMaster from Episode 2: One down t... Huh! There’s more!

Brainiac: That’s right! With Chen! Daisy! Bacon Colonel! Past me! and Past Chen!

Reece: MOCmaster! I will protect you with my residence!

MOCmaster from Episode 2: Ok!

Brainiac: Let’s go back in time to erase Reece while Reece and his residence stay here!

Reece: We will be coming with you!

Brainiac: Noooo!

Daisy: Unfortunately! We couldn’t erase MOCmaster so our only hope is to erase Reece!

Brainiac: Ok! But if we fail to erase him then we will have to attack the city in the present day!

Chen: Ok!

To be continued.
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