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The Truce
Published 4 months ago
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Note: This is the last part of the Reece vs Chuck: The Quest for the Brick series so that this terrible series could have a real good ending.

Chuck: *revives himself* You! You deserve some extra adjustment in court!

Reece: What the?!

Judge: Time for court!

*A few moments later in court*

Judge: You have been acting like a “hero” by defeating the “villains” but actually, that’s the opposite in this case as you was the viable while they were the heroes but this isn’t the reason why you’re in court but the real reason is because of your lies and villain actions which have bought danger not only to this universe but probably to everything and everyone!

Reece: How can I get out of court?

Judge: The only way is to make a truce with everyone else but on one condition, you sacrifice yourself and bring the brick back to Chuck.

Reece: Oh, fine. I shall accept the truce with everyone else including Chuck, MOC, Bacuara, j2, Chonkey, Nelson and everyone else you can think off.

Reece (also): Here’s the brick.

ChuckZillaTime: Thanks! I shall colour it back to the original colour.

Reece: Where should I sacrifice myself now?

Judge: We will be taking you to Mount Everest for your sacrifice.

*A few hours later*

Reece: Sorry everyone, I feel guilty for myself but this action will change my entire world.

Judge: Do it!

Reece: Ok. In 3, 2, 1!

Nelson: I will miss Reece because he was a fan of me until all of those actions but I still have faith in him.

Reece: Goodbye everyone… *dies*

*A few moments later in a funeral*

ChuckZillaTime: It’s an honour to host the funeral of Reece, a turned-good villain and a dumb kid who felt guilt in himself.

TheRealChonkey: He was kind to me until that betrayal because I then thought he would kill me but he redeemed and sacrificed himself before that but if he was here right now but redeemed then he would be friends with me again.

Nelson: Chuck… Did Reece ever plan to end this story before now?

Chuck (Angry Birds): Excuse me? I was just running around to this funeral.

ChuckZillaTime: Sorry Chuck, but you’re the wrong Chuck for Nelson to ask a question to. Also, I will answer your question now. He did plan to end at some point in this past till he decided to create new parts but he decided to not make any parts for real anymore.

Chuck (Angry Birds): Did you just break the fourth wall?!

LegoCommanderBacuara: Yep, we did and also, this is the end.
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