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Mecabricks Legend, LegoWilderness
Published 7 months ago
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LegoWilderness, what am I supposed to say
. I’ll start with the custom… I didn’t know how I would really represent LW in a different form than his very recognizable sig-fig, but I’m actually satisfied with what I’ve made. I tired to mix his technical, classy, poetic, and armed sides all together.
LegoWilderness is one of the most legendary legends on here… lore, excitement, humor, and depth just seems to swarm around the guy. One of the things I probably appreciate most about him is just his ability to joke around and not get offended. Others I like this, but I really just see it the most in LW. He jokes, and from what I gather thinks people should be able to take the joke and move on
. I like people like that, people who aren’t wishy washy snowflakes. LW also is a master in pretty much anything he does… from building, to writing, to making me laugh
. God bless!
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7 months ago
He is truly legendary!
7 months ago
@Justy Thank you, and I wouldn't say evil... just, eh, in control

@Lax Absolutely!
7 months ago
Awesome description, and love the custom too!
7 months ago

Wonderful job, Greenie! LW most certainly deserves it.
7 months ago
LW is truly one of the most legendary users.
You and Op rank close behind him.
7 months ago
Operator011 and Greenflame.
7 months ago
@Op Yes, and thank you!

@1Obsi Thank you mate!

@Gman Yes, however I think you made a mistake... you said "You and Op rank close behind him." I think you mean't to type, "Me and Op rank close behind him."
Obviously I'm only about as legendary as the guy who made an account and only ever gave 1 like to a model.
7 months ago
@Greenie: No, no, I'm pretty sure I meant you.
Cyberspace, Unheard Cry of War, etc.
Seems pretty legendary to me!
7 months ago
I hope one day I can become a Legend of MecaBricks like you all, someday maybe...
7 months ago
@Guitarman2 Oh! I thought those were only like the Easer Readers of Mecabricks...

@Blockmaster Really, my tips on being a legend are having fun, and enjoy making what excites you. Be creative, and think of things nobody has thought of before.
7 months ago
I try to, I've recently been making IRL Ninjago Posters
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