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Guess The Character No.?? (AmyOak)
Published 11 months ago
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(Credit to @AmyOak and the others for the continuation, and credit to @Duckduckguz for the cape idea)
Hello!! So I've been seeing these "Guess The Character" models lately so I asked @AmyOak (two months ago I think??) and @WizardBuilds1 If I can make one,
And they said yes!!
So here we go!!

Top Row
No.1 Banjo!!
No.2 The greatest in the galaxy
No.3 Does not like honey
No.4 Loves honey!!
No.5 Testificate
No.6 Jedi legend
No.7 Classic!!
No.8 Oil bath
No.9 Astromech

Bottom Row
No.10 Get It Together!!
No.11 Ready for adventure!!
No.12 AFK
No.13 Michael Schumacher??
No.14 Demon
No.15 Witches apprentice
No.16 Owl
No.17 Tie and flat-top
No.18 T-Shirt and bad haircut

Okay, That's it!!
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11 months ago

3. Tigger
4. Winnie the Pooh
6. Hey, it's Jedi Bob!

8. C3-PO
9. R2-D2
10. Wario(?)
15 & 16 from the Owl House, I'm guessing? (I haven't watched it...
17. George Beard
18. Harold Hutchins

(That's basically all I can guess...)
11 months ago
Yes!! That's all correct!!
No. 14 is also from the Owl House, You should totally watch it!!
I think you should have season 2 over in the US

Anyway well-done on all your guesses being correct!!
And I can't believe you didn't know who No.13 was!!
(The clue is a bit misleading, It's a long story...)
11 months ago
Here are the results...

Top Row
No.1 Wander (From Wander Over Yonder)
No.2 Lord Hater (From Wander Over Yonder)
No.3 Tigger
No.4 Winnie the Pooh
No.5 Testificate Man (From Element Animation Villager videos)
No.6 Jedi Bob

No.7 Classic Super Mario
No.8 C3-PO
No.9 R2-D2

Bottom Row
No.10 Wario
No.11 Captain Toad (From the Super Mario franchise)
No.12 Mumbo Jumbo
No.13 The Stig
No.14 King (From The Owl House)
No.15 Luz (From The Owl House)
No.16 Eda The Owl Lady (From The Owl House)
No.17 George Beard
No.18 Harold Hutchins
11 months ago
Nice! (Even though I don’t recognize most of those…
10 months ago
last two are... George and Harold
8 months ago
I shoulda got Mumbo Jumbo... Bumbo Baggins... Mr. Redstone...
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