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1910- Vintage Model T Workshop
Published 2 months ago
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The most successful Ford for mass production in 1908 was Henry Ford's Model T. It offered not only a new method of transportation for low-income people, but also more jobs that had been associated with this wonderful car.
This car had a key concept, which is Cheap, Hard and Fable and Cheap Parts.
The car was invented more than 100 years ago, cars could only be bought by rich and wealthy people.

It is clear that Ford was not the father of the Automobil, but he did make everyone able to afford it and offer new jobs and new ways of life.

There is a curious thing that happened to Ford while he was making the Model T Prototype, the car did not go through the door of the shed, he managed to get out with a toy that he made with a hammer.

And today almost nothing has changed, we have only updated it.
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2 months ago
I don't mean to be "that guy", but I figured someone had better let you know.

First of all, the Model T wasn't Henry Ford's first model. He had previously built the Model A and Model N, (I believe he had built earlier models than those, as well, but I'm only quoting off the top of my head, and don't have time to verify!)
Second, Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He didn't even invent the gasoline-powered automobile! Those titles go to Cugenot (I hope I spelled that right!) and Benz, if I remember correctly.
Third and fourth, neither doorbells nor ceiling fans became widespread until about the 10's-20's!

Regardless of the infactualities, this is still an awesome model! I'm glad to see it featured!

Also, F.Y.I., Ford would roll in his grave if he saw that a brown Model T was featured!
2 months ago
After re-reading the description, I realize you never credited Ford with inventing the automobile. I mis-interpreted it. Sorry about that!
2 months ago
Let's see if you are going to comment on something that is for real, The first Ford model was the Model T, and that it began to be mass produced in the 10s, and who has told you that Ford invented the car, I only say that He offered it to the middle class ...
2 months ago
Also, the A and N models, they are not from this year, they are from 1930, and I am aware that Ford did not invent the automobile, you will have understood, that part of `` he offered a new method of transport '' I mean that he se offered it to a new audience.
2 months ago
I can not say for sure about the Model N, but I know for a fact that the Model A was offered as two separate nameplates, one before the T, and one after.
2 months ago
I just verified that the Model N was in fact before the Model T:
2 months ago
No, that Wikipedia is sometimes wrong, watch a video or something from Ford's history ...

But Cristian, don't you see that we are arguing for a date, if what is in the description were false, I would not have put it.
Besides, you come here without knowing even half the cars, and I think you are wrong with the Model T, N and A ...
2 months ago
Knowing half of what cars?
Also, here is a timeline of Fords produced, proving the Model T was not the first.
2 months ago
If you don’t trust my source, here’s official information direct from ford.com:
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