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Traz Kelborne (V2) Rovian Kelborne
Published 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Nice !
And... so much clipping in just one gun
2 years ago
DUDE!!! THAT’S INSANE!!! Well done!
2 years ago
I think it is not available to editor mode because he doesn't want people to steal the pieces used in the moc
2 years ago
@Everyone, Thank you!!

@General_Veers, thanks! And yes, I love clipping

@MB, Thank ye!

@ ninja_master282, I thought the same thing when I first got on here. But I kept practicing and I eventually got to this point! So keep trying!

@Brickheadzimizer, sure! As long as credit is given
2 years ago
@Hammy You're welcome!

2 years ago
Wow . . . staggering. The little bump on the front of the helmet kinda looks like a rhino horn. I like it! Also, did you use the string design from my mandalorian helmets?
2 years ago
@HAMMERBORNE, I don’t post anything really but how did you figure out ‘traz kelborne’? If you would tell me that I would literally think it’s a real character in legends!
2 years ago
@MB, Yep

@Op, Thanks! The bump was originally to make it kinda “Spartanesque" but I removed a lot of the other components. Nope! I built this completely from the ground up

@Brickheadzimizer, Thanks! “Kelborn" is actually a clan (at least in legends) but I moded it to “Kelborne" so it would be slightly more reminiscent of my username

“Traz", on the other hand, is completely a product of my imagination

And thanks again! That’s exactly what I was going for!
2 years ago
Mjolnir: Okay, cool. It does seem a little higher-up on the helm than mine.
7 months ago
Hi hammer, its me Le Assassin
7 months ago
This is my new account now
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