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Prologue Operation: 26 alphabets
Published 1 month ago
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So before you all are like its not June yet this is not part of the actual story I just made this to set the story so yeah hope you like the prologue you can still join here
https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/r12101l7alB if you have not joined you should this is gonna be epic you would love to be apart of it

Now the story

Clikity clack went the keyboard as he typed feverishly on the keyboard while giving many glances at the window right above him, The man gave a sigh of relief when he pressed the delete button. He turned looking his table and all the papers scattered on it. (I hope they get my message, the lives of a million of my kind are at risk if they don’t get my message) he thought to himself. Then he got up realizing that he just saw movement out his back window, he new instantly who that was, so scared out of his mind he started to run and throw all papers and evidence into the burning fire right across him. As the fire burned bright there came a loud knock then when it was not answered the door was just knocked down (it seemed so easy to do there was no protection in your home, in this country this this was the USSR) he thought. Then came four men two of which started to run around looking for anything that this man found about them. Then one person bound the mans arms and carried him to the tallest scariest freaky despicable man ever. (it was him) the man thought. As he stared down the mans eyes the Russian leader said “well well if its not another Americatze heh you scum you will have a very very fit punishment awaiting you.” And that was the last the American man saw or heard before blacking out and falling hitting the hard stone floor.
Hope you liked it- God bless
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1 month ago
Hm. . . Interesting.
Love the title though.
Dude that was so cool and definitely gave me a good look at what the story could have to offer. That was fantastic.
45 models | 4.9k views