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Me (Masman8675)
Published 3 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Custom minifigures of myself, Masman8675. Subject to change over time.

From left to right:

• Commander Masman (Field Use Spacesuit), for use in Mars Mission/LEGO owned space themes. Equipped with a backpack, high powered blaster, and a shield made out of sturdy Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

• Commander Masman (Uniform) For use in the MM-8675 when captaining, or when on duty at base indoors.

• Real Life Me (Yellow Skin Tone), for use in LEGO owned themes with a somewhat realistic setting; i.e. City as myself.

• Real Life Me (Real Life Skin Tone), for use in intellectual property themes or more realistic settings. The head (and skin tone, lol) is more accurate looking than the yellow version. Unfortunately I don't actually have that t-shirt IRL, though I likely will at some point when I find a good front/back printed t-shirt place that doesn't cost $45.

• Masmann Eigixsvenfii (Clone Trooper Armour) Rogue rebel/bounty hunter with a thing for clone armour. Great thing is, it fits into any time period post Clone Wars, so I may have been a clone commander too. *smug grin*
Armed with blaster rifle and jetpack.
Yes, I said armed with a jetpack. Disagree? Put your hand near an activated thruster, and you'll change your mind.

If anybody is experienced in decal making, and would like to do the helmet up for me, let me know.
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3 years ago
Nice! It's very "you" which I assume was the goal.
More users need to do this. I'll put Masman in the island scene as soon as I can. Also, I had no idea those mars mission torsos were so expensive o_o I might be sitting on a fortune
3 years ago
Thanks! Ya, it would be nice if these were more common.
Awesome thanks! I just updated the Yellow/LEGO version to include an alternate happier looking head, so maybe use that one so I don't look disgruntled that I have to be rowing. (I actually do like rowing.)

And by the torso, I meant a physical t-shirt that I myself as a human can wear, not a LEGO version.

The LEGO ones are quite cheap, though I don't have a "t-shirt" version of it in brick form yet either.
3 years ago
Who doesn't like rowing?
Also, a t-shirt that looks like this in real life would be awesome
2 years ago
Very true. These would make excellent shirts!
2 years ago
Do you still want that clone helmet made? I'm dabbling around with decal making and would love to give it a try!
2 years ago
If you'd like to give it a try, feel free to. Though the clone helmets are more difficult to do, that's why I haven't done it yet.
I may still try sometime in the future too.
2 years ago
I wish you a happy New Year, my friend! Enjoy the view!

(And ignore the still
-looking particles, please)
2 years ago
Thank you very much, good sir! I'm going to have to turn off my secondary monitor because having it set as my desktop background is too distracting...

I REALLY like the background, (and foreground)! Great job on the footprints, tire tracks, and decals too!
2 years ago

Nicely done! Can't wait to see what renders you come up with NGCHunter2!
2 years ago
@Masman8675 @Samino
Thank you very much!
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