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Corvos-pattern Sentinels
Published 3 months ago
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with the loss of the Hellhound and many other key light vehicles during the Corovan Civil War, the Imperial Guard in the subsector faced a problem; it lacked a medium armored cavalry vehicle. they did, however, have the humble Sentinel walker.

Centries of evolution later, the Corvos-pattern sentinel is a far cry from the light walkers of the greater imperium. much more heavily armored and armed with a pair of weapons, typically one heavy and light, the Corvos-pattern easily steps into the role once held by the Hellhound. the Support variants are even more deadly, carrying paired heavy weapons suitable to destroying other light and medium armor or vast swaths of infantry.

further the Corovans deploy these units in either as independent three-unit 'fists' or four-unit 'sections' divided into a pair of two-unit 'teams'; depending on the type of company to which they are assigned.

Standard Corvos-pattern Sentinals may mount a Lascannon, Autocannon, Multi-laser, or heavy boltor in their flexible arm mount, and either a Flamer, Multi-melta, Heavy Boltor or Lascannon in semiflexable hull mount. they may not, however, mount Hunter-killer missiles, due to design issues.

Corvos-Pattern Support Sentinels may take any two of Multi-missile pods, Multilasers, Melta Cannons, Autocannons, Lascannons, Missile Launchers, Devastator Heavy Grenade Launchers, or Medium Mortars in their main mounts. The optional hull mount may take a Hellgun, Plasma Gun, Meltagun or Heavy Stubber. Much like standard Corvos-Pattern Sentinels, Corvos-Pattern Support Sentinels may not mount hunter-killer missiles.

depicted here is a typical 'section' such as might be attached to a Corovan light infantry company, consisting of two standard and two support sentinels.

A Team possesses a standard Sentinel with a multi-laser and heavy flamer, supported by a support sentinel with a Lascannon and multi-missile pod. B Team's standard Sentinel carries a Meltagun and Heavy Bolter, while its Support is armed with a Devastator Grenade Launcher and Melta Cannon.
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