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New Republic Guardian class Cruiser
Published 2 years ago
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The New Republic, on its founding at the very beginning of the Galactic Civil war, was faced with a serious problem: though many of its founding members, particularly Corellia, maintained large defense forces, these were typically inexperienced crews equipped with ships that, while capable, were outgunned and out-shielded by the Grand Army the Empire had inherited and lacking sufficient anti-fighter weaponry to face Confederate swarm tactics.

Their own Senate-class Star Destroyers were still on the drawing board, and new warships such as the Imperial-class Star Destroyer were making their presence felt in a series of devastating victories for the Empire. The New Republic needed a ship that could credibly threaten a Star Destroyer, fend off Confederate Vulture Droid swarms, and, most importantly, be build quickly, in mass quantities.

Naturally, the Republic turned to Correllian Engineering Corporation to meet their needs. The resulting vessel, officially the FR-12, was quickly dubbed the 'Guardian' thanks to its engine design hearkening back to the Consular-class cruiser. unlike the Consular, however, the Guardian was armed to the teeth: twenty Turbolasers in ten dual turrets gave the ship a powerful punch against capital craft, but its secondary weapons array was even more formidable.

five turrets with individual heavy laser cannons were only the tip of the iceberg- indeed, the Guardian became famous for its lightest weapons: a whopping THIRTY TWO point-defense lasers spread across sixteen dual turrets that made assaulting the craft in a fighter or bomber practically suicide.

The ability to rapidly sweep fighters from the sky became particularly important as fighter technologies advanced- the TIE-Hunter, X-Wing, and Raptor Droid would soon make their appearances, as would a plethora of other disproportionately dangerous smallcraft, making strong point-defense ever more vital to a ship's survival.

Finally, the ship also mounted four tubes for medium-weight Torpedoes, arranged in two pairs on its nose. while not as powerful as the capital-grade weapons carried by its Confederate contemporary, the weapons often served as the critical Ion-based portion of the ship's deadly one-two punch against capital craft.

Additionally, the ship's trio of powerful engines granted it shocking speed and maneuverability, able to run rings around the lumbering Imperials and keep up with the equally speedy Suppressor now being fielded by the Confederacy; However it had one main advantage aside from its firepower: redundancy.
Taking inspiration from the Mon Calamari, the Guardian mounted multiply redundant power and shielding systems, and featured excellent compartmentalization, enabling the ship to endure far more fire than most enemies expected for a ship its size. Even the heavy turbolaser batteries of an Imperial couldn't punch through the craft's shields in a single volley, and the poor maneuverability of the Star Destroyers often meant the lighter and faster Guardians would simply avoid the ship's main firing arcs. This was one of the major contributing factors to the class' early retirement, and its eventual replacement by the far more dangerous Domination class.

(The other, of course, was the debut of the Republic's own Senate-class Star Destroyers, which despite being largely the same size as the Imperial mounted far better shielding and over twice the weaponry, to the point where it required a minimum of three Imperial-class ships to reliably best a Senate-class in battle.)
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2 years ago
The number of pieces on this is N I C E
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