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Published 3 months ago
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LUIG•E has been designed as the fastest pizza delivery bot ever, preparing your food while it delivers it to you, thanks to its integrated authentic wood fired oven. Unfortunately, LUIG•E didn't met the success its creators hoped for, mainly because it kept forgetting the boxes, and above all because it scared customers.
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3 months ago
Put this on Lego Ideas! You would get plenty of supporters!
3 months ago
Awesome! This robot isn't scary at all. I mean, its body is a big wood-supplied oven that could easily burn someone. Not scary at all! face with stuck-out tongue
3 months ago
This model is cursed
3 months ago
Where does the idea for this character come from?
3 months ago
@bricksandpieces You sure ? face with stuck-out tongue

@Samino : Exactly, it's totally safe !

@Neckhorse : Hehe. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

@Scrubs : It was built for Mech Monday : https://www.flickr.com/groups/mechmonday/
Last week's theme was "something whacky". I couldn't finish it in time so I posted it yesterday. My first idea was to do a spoof of WALL•E. I thought its body looked like an oven, so I decided to turn it into a food-related robot. I thought of a pizza vending machine, and mixed those two concepts do do a pizza vending machine / delivery robot. I gave it legs and a creppy smile and mustache to make the whole thing even more ridiculous. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
2 months ago
Super great! Put this on LEGO Ideas! it would go viral! It might even be all over the internet!
2 days ago
This is... just ... wow just wow...
by Jeff
74 models | 20.3k views
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