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Chapter 2: Captives Through Cyberspace
Published 2 months ago
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Here is chapter two! To all who have asked to be included note that you will start appearing soon, but not immediately. Also, if you wan't to be included just let me know winking face

I looked around almost expecting to see more things that I hadn’t noticed, but there was nothing. The thought struck me that I might be able to just make pieces appear, and to follow this I tried making several strange arm movements, or flexing certain muscles, in hopes to, somehow, launch pieces out of an invisible inventory. This resulted in nothing but failure and disappointment, as well as several glances over my shoulder to make sure no one was actually there. After all I did look kinda stupid, like a three year old pretending to save the world with an invisible wooded spoon. I shrugged in slight disappointment, and shifted my attention to the rippling water. Placing my claw like hand into the variety of clear blue pieces, I thought about their placement and uses. As I contemplated how one of the roundish bricks was helpful in a certain design, I suddenly realized that piece was in my hand. It was not however the light transparent blue color that the others were, but the same dark gray that I had envisioned it to be in my mind. A sudden thought struck me, and I reached in with the thought of a green katana. When I pulled my hand out my smile could not have been bigger, that is if I was not in minifig form, in my hand was a green katana. At least if I was trapped, I had something to do. After a while of pulling out pieces and making random designs, the old fears re arose in my mind as I realized this could result in a situation worse then COVID 19, nobody was around, and that was a problem to me, I didn’t like to be lonely. As the thoughts flooded my brain, and the hours passed, I began to feel depressed and extremely lonesome. The problem was not that I had to see someone every few hours, but that I wasn’t sure I would ever see someone again. As I racked my brain for some way that I could possibly get out, a different form of escape came to mind. It wasn’t really a way of escape, but more of a form of capture. I quickly set to work by pulling out some hinge and computer bricks from the well. “This is LEGO,” I told myself. “You don’t need to be a technician to build machines, and there is practically no limit to what kind of machine you can build.”
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2 months ago
Cool! Is there going to be a next chapter? Cant wait!
2 months ago
@lich_bricks. Yes, I'll probably post the next chapter in about a week... be it could be sooner
2 months ago
Wow! Great job! I have to say this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then mine.
2 months ago
@Dragon_Rider06 Thanks! Everyones story is different, and I really don't think that can be said until both stories are finished and compared. I still think yours is pretty cool, and can't wait to read more
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