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Sun Tower
Published 2 months ago
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The Sun Tower is a historic office building in Vancouver, Canada. It was built in 1912 as the headquarters for the Vancouver World newspaper, and called "The World Building". It is 17 stories high built in the beaux arts style. In 1937, the building was sold to the Vancouver Sun, giving it the name "The Sun Tower", it is still called that even though The Sun no longer owns it.
The buildings copper dome is very iconic to the building, but it is unclear if the copper is real or faux. The building is currently undergoing restorations, and has been for the past 3 years. Recently the top of the has been uncovered, but is no longer the iconic green, it appears to be real copper (if it wasn't already) and is the dark brass colour of new copper, hopefully they don't do the rest of the roof like this or it will completely ruin the buildings iconic green roof.
I've been working on this for a few years now, it's my third modular skyscraper and my largest so far, with eight floors and nearly 14'000 pieces. The interiors have nothing to do with the actual building, the ground floor, there is a lobby, a grocery store, and a storage room. The second floor has a doctors office (thanks to X_nthropie for the laboratory design), the third floor is under renovation with some offices on the fourth. the Fifth floor has a mechanical room, the 6th has a break room and a bathroom with some more offices on the 7th. Finally, on the top floor is the bosses office.

I also have uploaded the individual floors too.
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2 months ago
holy moly. my browser crashed trying to load the 3d model.
1 month ago
love that you furnished it-
amazing project, great work -
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