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GS-101 "¡A la Victoria!"
Published 2 months ago
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Among the few 500 GS-100 tanks fighting on the Frontlines of Amsterstud, a small handful of them, being 40 or 50, are specially modified to be used as command tanks. These are designated as GS-101's, and can identified from their added red or blue paint scheme. Just what loadout each GS-101 has can widely vary, from super heavy cannons to rocket launchers, to saw blades to ramming prods.

Pictured here is the GS-101 Tank "¡A la Victoria!". ¡A la Victoria!, which translates from Spanish to "To Victory!", was modified just a week before the battle began.
It has an added Plow in the front to clear debris out of the way as it rumbles forward. On the side gunpods, it also has barbed wire strung up to deter any hostiles from climbing on.
It's main turret has been modified with a heavier 155mm Anti Tank gun, and it's Coaxial Machine gun was replaced by a Gasoline based flamethrower. Due to it's close proximity to the flamethrower, the 155mm gun was also plated in heat resistant materials. The turret also had four Smoke grenade launchers instead of two.
Additionally, the Tank also comes equipped with a higher range radio to communicate with other tanks, because... well it is a Command Tank.

The tank's crew had taken to painting the Vehicle's name on the side, as well as a phrase on the hull saying "Eat my Coax!!", this being a vulgar expression to the enemy to be hit by the vehicle's Coaxial Flamethrower.

(This was fun to make, and i keep chuckling at the "Eat my Coax!!" thing, thats a good tank catchphrase, im glad i came up with that.
Also, while im here, i might as well say that, yes, it is taking a LOT longer for me to get the next volume of R A G E ! made, and thats partially because of the hiatus from the PL Series altogether while contemplating if i should just end it, but yeah. Also, i should mention that this thing will be seen in the next volume, so yeah, keep an eye out!)
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2 months ago
Wow. You are getting VERY creative with these stories!
2 months ago
Wow. You are getting VERY creative with these stories!
2 months ago
this is a realy cool build and a very funy catchphrase
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