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j2fam Direct 1.6... *gulp*
Published 1 year ago
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Me: Are you sure no one's gonna be mad?

Cameraman: *shrug*

Me: *gulp*...

Audience: *clap clap clap clap clap etc.*

Me: Hey everyone! It's me, j2fam77, and today I have an announcement for a new se-

Random Guy: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

Audience: Guil-lo-tine! Guil-lo-tine! Guil-lo-tine!

Other Random Guy: *drags out guillotine*

Other Other Random Guy: *arrives with shopping cart full of tomatoes*

Audience: *takes a tomato to throw at me*

Retired Navy Seal: *loads about six tomatoes into a machine gun*

Me: Guys, guys! Would you all leave me alone?! This is a direct!

Random Citizen: But yer next series! We simply won't take another!

Me: ohhhhhh... You make a good point. I'm still doing another series btw.


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