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The Construction of Hectorking
Published 2 months ago
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Where to start? THE CONSTRUCTION! Once there was a man who hated being human (that guy is looking up at the blue light beam from below), so he decided to make a machine that could make a robot for his body to be transmitted into. After a lot of work (probably 20 years or something bananas), and after constructing SICS to help him, the machine was complete. The machine looked a bit like a landing pad. Suddenly, when he pressed 'Complete' on the machine, there was a deafening sound and SICS had an error. A blue beam burst out of the sky and parts of metal clustered together. Most of the construction site was destroyed. Hectorking walked out of the light and looked at the man below, who was looking shocked. Then, Hectorking leapt down and said,

"Yes my lord, you asked for me, transmit your body into me. In fact, I'll do that for you."

The blue beam glowed and was breathing, getting quicker and quicker. There was a flash, and the man was not a man. He was a robot.

So, basically, you could say that the man in Hectorking is my Sig-Fig, but Hectorking is the second part of the man inside.

Mind boggling, blowing, messing, mashing, eating, exploding, lifting (?), spinning, baffling, destroying, murdering, and more.

And this description is very long, I've just realized.
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2 months ago
+ Could i have somebody render this please? I don't know how to use Blender light.
2 months ago
What a wonderful idea!
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