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Chapter 12 : Captives through Cyberspace
Published 1 month ago
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I hope you guys enjoy this... and I hope its sorta written well... anyways, here is chapter 12!

(I began to shake as the translucent blade hovered over my neck, its faceless wielder seaming to be enjoying himself, despite the fact that he had no expression. Out of the corner of my eye I could see more foes appearing, all decked in similar attire. Closing my eyes I took in a hard swallow. This was not how I’d planned things, at all. Suddenly, just as quickly as these threatening strangers had appeared, they all but vanished in a spring like motion, katanas flying. I wasn’t sure what to expect as the roar of motors, shouts, and the clash of translucent weaponry met my ears. Rolling over onto my hands and knees, I peered upward in astonished wonder as two motorcycles roared in and out of the mob, their pilots slaying the disgraceful bunch of villains. The truck also came to life, and took off at top speed. Suddenly, to my astonishment, I recognized one of the individuals. In a desperate form of excitement, I turned to the other figure and my jaw dropped. Before my eyes Snap Studios and RickardCinema were driving away the pestiferous threat. They did this in a matter of seconds, and then spun in the direction of the fleeing vehicle.

“After those inconvenient and troublesomely unwholesome idiots!” RC shouted while lifting his blue spear into the air.

“Wait!” I called out as I leapt to my feet. “SnapCinema, stop!”

At this both figures stopped, turned, and stepped down from their vehicles. RC, cocking his head, began to walk towards me, while Snap just stared into space, grimacing as if some unpleasant smell had just blown in.

“SnapCinema,” he said, now following RC.

Suddenly, the realization of what I said hit me.

“Was that insult directed at me, or Snap,” RC said in a friendly jab.

“Well, eh, um…” I tried to think of something witty to say, but Snap interrupted before I managed to complete this pointless task.

“Ah, Greenflame! I’m glad to see you joined the party.”

“Yeah… I’ve been here for a few hours at least…”

Now Snap’s jaw dropped.

“What! Thats not fair. We’ve been here for like a month, at least.”

“But we didn’t find each other until like four weeks ago,” RC said in a correcting tone.

“Four weeks! Thats a month, don’t you know that,” Snap jabbed back, looking at RC like if he was an overgrown preschooler.

“Yeah, but I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. Then I would have had something to bug you about.”

Snap obviously was not impressed with RC’s humor, I however, was trying to keep my seems from bursting.

“Ok guys,” I said in a smile to large to go unnoticed by Snap Studios, but small enough to only produce a raised eyebrow. “Lets change the subject, how did you find each other?”

“Oh! Thats a wonderful question.” RC exclaimed while clapping his hands. “Snap, give him directions, we’ve got a job to finish.”

Snap didn’t hesitate, but quickly pulled a handful of LEGO elements from out of, well, nowhere, and in seconds had built a door. It was a simple build, much like my own, but instead of a light system, it was decorated with the letters “M” and “B”.

“Whats that for?” I asked, obviously in a state of understanding confusion.

RC quickly butted in, likely just to get under Snaps nerves.

“Its a door that will lead you to the gang, you will find other users there who can answer all of your wonderful questions. As of right now, we are in a rush. So, see ya!”

With this, he turned, and leapt onto his bike, cranking the engine with unreasonable force. Snap looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“If we don’t catch these idiots it will be our fifth failed mission in a row,” he yelled over the over use of machine power. “We don’t exactly compliment each other as teammates, but LegoLover insist that members learn to overcome hurtles, if thats possible. Anyways, when you go through the door, just keep go’n straight.”

He turned, and within less then a minute both companions, for better, or for worse, had disappeared in a puff of exhaust and dust.

“Well,” I said while looking behind me for no apparent reason. “That was about the best introduction I’ve ever experienced. On through the door!”

I grabbed the nob, pulled with dramatic force, and stepped inside. Seconds later nothing remained on the road; that is nothing but slain foes, and the mist like fading of a door.)

God bless!
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1 month ago
Awesome chapter! I always make an impressive entrance
1 month ago
@RC Thanks!
actually... at least with your first two entrances... that is going to be true...
1 month ago
Hmm RC's bike seams to have taken on some kinda hit... computer glitches...
1 month ago
Ok... I have no idea what that symbol is... was supposed to be something else...
1 month ago
I have no idea what that symbol is either lol
1 month ago
Also is that truck spew popcorn or ice cream out of its exhaust?
1 month ago
Ok... this is weird... your bike is complete now! Something must have not loaded right...

Oh, and technically that would be called smoke
1 month ago
Awesome, great work on this!

I’m wearing the wrong pants, and my scarf is on backwards though!
1 month ago
that is hilarious! Great chapter as always Greenflame!
1 month ago
thanks... prepare to appear in the next chapter
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