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71364-1: Whomp's Lava Trouble
Published 2 years ago
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Heat up the competitive LEGO® Super Mario™ action with Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set (71364). This modular LEGO Super Mario playset features a sliding platform, Whomp figure guarding a P Switch (found only in this set!) and a brick-built, shell-shaped system to topple the Lava Bubble figure. It’s the ideal gift toy for kids who own the LEGO® Mario™ figure found in the Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360).

Cool app
The free LEGO Super Mario app has intuitive Instructions PLUS, featuring cool viewing tools to help build this module. It also offers suggestions for creative ways to build, rebuild and play, and is a safe platform for kids to share ideas with other Mario fans.

Mario Unlimited!
Great for competitions with friends and family or solo gameplay, collectible LEGO Super Mario toy playsets bring a unique, family-favourite character into the real world. The Starter Course, Expansion Sets and Power-Up Packs let fans construct their own levels for unlimited creative fun.

• Kids can create an action-packed new level to add to their LEGO® Super Mario™ Adventures with Mario Starter Course and compete against friends with this Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set (71364).
• The player can build their own challenging course with a sliding platform for LEGO® Mario™ (figure not included) to balance on, Whomp and Lava Bubble figures, and the P Switch, which is found only in this set.
• Kids will love seeing and hearing the different ways LEGO® Mario™ reacts as he encounters each enemy and earns a shower of digital coins for doing tricks after defeating the Whomp and activating the P Switch.
• This 133-piece, creative LEGO® toy playset makes a fun birthday or Christmas gift for kids aged 6 and up to add to their Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360), inspiring them to build and customize their own levels.
• Measuring over 3” (8.5cm) high, 8.5” (22cm) wide and 6.5” (16.5cm) deep in its basic formation, this module can be rebuilt and combined with the Starter Course and other Expansion Sets in multivarious ways.
• No batteries required for this playset – combine it with the LEGO® Mario™ figure in the Starter Course to power up the action.
• Kids can find building instructions, cool digital viewing tools and a safe platform to share their ideas on the free LEGO® Super Mario™ app. For a list of compatible Android and iOS devices, visit LEGO.com/devicecheck.
• Collectible LEGO® Super Mario™ toy building sets bring an iconic character into the real world. They allow fans to expand and rebuild to create their own levels to enjoy solo or in competition against friends and family.
• Builders won’t need a Super Star’s power to connect or pull apart LEGO® bricks! Ever since 1958, the bricks have met the highest industry standards to ensure consistency and a perfect connection.
• LEGO® bricks and pieces are extensively tested and analysed to ensure that every LEGO building toy meets the highest global safety and quality standards.


Missing parts:
• 66789 - Plate, Modified 6 x 6 with Rounded Corners and 4 Feet
• 66790 - Plate, Modified 8 x 8 with Rounded Corners and 4 Feet
• 67013 - Shell, 4 Studs Inside and Hole

Missing prints/stickers:
• 3068bpb1396 - Dark Bluish Gray Tile 2 x 2 with Groove with Super Mario Scanner Code Whomp Pattern (Sticker) - Set 71364 [6317954]
• 59349pb070 - Light Bluish Gray Panel 1 x 6 x 5 with Whomp Face Pattern [6308987]
• 68869pb003 - Medium Nougat Tile, Modified 4 x 4 with Rounded Corners and 4 Feet with Super Mario Scanner Code Double Arrows Pattern (Sticker) - Sets 71364 / 71368 [6335169]
• 3003pb122 - Blue Brick 2 x 2 with P Pattern on Two Sides [6309005]
• 3068bpb1394 - Blue Tile 2 x 2 with Groove with Super Mario Scanner Code 'P' Pattern (Sticker) [6317955]
• 67013pb01 - White Shell, 4 Studs Inside and Hole with Green Pattern [6299928]
• 3068bpb1397 - Tile 2 x 2 with Groove with Super Mario Scanner Code Lava Bubble Pattern (Sticker) - Set 71364 / 71369 [6317953]
• 3068bpb1395 - Yellow Tile 2 x 2 with Groove Two Black Ovals Pattern [6308990]
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133 pieces
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