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Refuge of the Past #2. The Shock
Published 2 years ago
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Refuge of the Past


TG decided to ask someone what year they were in. "Do you know the year?" TG asked. "It's 1999," said a person. "Oh god," TG said. They were trapped... 21 years in the past. "My brain... it can't process this kind of information," CJ exclaimed. They noticed people were acting a little... strange. "Why is everyone shaking a lot?" TG asked. "Well... It's 1999, the start of a new millennium," The person responded "so people are a little scared. I mean, it's like an apocalypse is about to happen or something." "Oh yeah, I remember that" TG said "The post-apocalyptic season of 1999. "Shhhhhhh!" CJ whispered "You don't wanna look suspicious." "Ah. I mean, uh, ummm- what's the most popular music right now?" TG asked. "Well, let's see... Blue by Eiffel 65, I'm a Scatman by Scatman John... I can't really think of anything else," the person answered "By the way, I'm Abigail." "Nice to meet you. I'm TG, and this is my brother CJ," TG responded. "I'm not really sure I should say this, but were from the year 20-" "DON'T YOU FRICKIN' DARE TELL HER!" CJ yelled. "What?" Abigail asked. "Ehh, nothing important." CJ answered. "This sounds sketchy," Abigail said. "*sigh* Okay, fine," CJ responded, "We're from the year 2020, and we found some sketchy dude, and then when we looked back, he was gone. All that was left was this weird hole. At first, we thought it was just street art. Then, we noticed it wasn't, and TG fell down the hole. Now, we're supposedly stuck in the year 1999 and we don't know how to get back." "Are you sure?" Abigail asked. "Don't believe us? Feast your eyes on THIS!" TG pulled out a Nintendo Switch. "Whoa," Abigail said, shocked, "What IS this?" "It's a Nintendo Switch," CJ answered "It's from our time." "It's looks SO much better than the Nintendo 64," Abigail said. "Yeah. Don't expect seeing another one of those in 17 years," TG joked. "Gosh, I'll be 36 by the time I'll see this again," Abigail responded "I'm 16 now." "So are we!" CJ said. "Ya know, I guess we should stay in this year for a bit since we've never experienced it yet," TG said. "Good idea," CJ said, "But not too long. We don't want to get used to this." "Yeah," TG responded "We can't be trapped here forever..."


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2 years ago
1 year ago
cool!love the scatman john reference!
by tg
256 models | 21.3k views