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70905-1: The Batmobile
Published 9 months ago
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Race through Gotham City in pursuit of Man-Bat™ and the Kabuki Twins™ in the Batmobile. This set from THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE features the Batmobile with a dual cockpit for Batman™ and Robin™, two stud shooters and multidirectional wheels for three different modes—race mode, monster truck mode and parallel-parking mode. Man-Bat is equipped with a dynamite element and the Kabuki Twins each have claws to intensify the role-play battle action. Includes five minifigures.

Includes five minifigures: Batman™, Robin™, Man-Bat™ and the Kabuki Twins™
The Batmobile features a two-minifigure cockpit with roof pop-off function, big multidirectional wheels with rubber tires, two stud shooters and posable bat wings.
Adjust the wheels for three different modes—race mode, monster truck mode and parallel-parking mode.
Weapons include Batman's Batarang, Robin's Batman™ Merch gun, Man-Bat's dynamite and the Kabuki Twins' claws (two each).
Accessory elements include Batman and Robin’s capes, and Batman’s new-for-spring-2017 molded utility belt.
This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 8+.
The Batmobile measures over 3” (10cm) high, 11” (29cm) long and 5” (15cm) wide in race mode.
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607 pieces
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9 months ago
Cool stuff!
9 months ago
I worked on a full lego scene that includes this Batmobile. I have never made such a render with so many bricks in a scene. I think I have more than 10000 here. I reworked a few things in Photoshop to get this end result.
9 months ago
Render is amazing.
9 months ago
Oh, and it goes without saying, model is great too Stas. smiling face with open mouth
9 months ago
@Scrubs, your render shows a great filmic look! A foretaste of the Batman Movie appearing in the German cinemas in just a few days. And I noticed the pizza van on the left... winking face

You've used a texture to create the dirt on the street, right? And yes, many parts, which brings Blender to it's limits, as I've found when I did the "From Paris with Love" render.

People, you must download the render to watch it in it's full glory!
9 months ago
Ah, what was the render time on this?
9 months ago
@wlange Thanks smiling face with open mouth I think it took between 1.5 and 2 hours for the render (4 core i5)
I could have actually cleaned the model in mecabricks to only keep what would be visible in the scene but I was a bit lazy and I was not really sure of the camera position.

The main thing I am not happy about is the tyre rubber material. I am trying to find a new setup (to add to my script) but nothing perfect so far.
9 months ago
Only 2 hours at this resolution? What's the sample rate you've set?

Yes, the rubber material actually seems to be a bit more glossy. It could also use some procedural noise texture?
9 months ago
I think I put 500 samples.
The setp up I am working on is using a procedural texture. The issue is that rubber pieces have a lot of different surface finish types. I just checked a couple of tyres this morning and I have noticed that some are rough and others completely slick.
9 months ago
Ok, I see. With some basic node setup for this it should be easy to turn adjusting screws per set.
9 months ago
Looking good. I'm not sure about the texture scale (too large?), but I've got no reference to measure this, so I'll trust you.
8 months ago
This one is made with the new revision of my script. it was really time to fix the rubber and pearlescent materials.
8 months ago
now rubber looks like rubber, not like plastic.
8 months ago
Great work on the update scrubs!
by Stas
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