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Chapter 19
Published 11 months ago
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Okay... here ya go guys

Dragon_Rider06’s eyes opened quickly, and she suddenly found herself standing up and looking about the dark room, despite the fact that it was far too dark to see anything. Something felt strange, almost like a nostalgic feeling but with no memory of any past event to trigger that feeling. She new she was supposed to be dead, or at least she thought she was. Putting her right hand forwards she summoned her dragon, Scout. This was the last thing she remembered doing, before, well before whatever had happened had happened. The dragon glowed a translucent blue, with highlights of green and silver. It opened its eyes, and nuzzled her friendly. She stroked its forehead, and looked around now that things were slightly more visible. They were alone, except for the few dozen soldiers that had been slain during their last fight. Scout lifted his head and sniffed the air, looking at the closed door in front of him.

“What’s wrong mate?” D_R whispered. The Dragon snarled, and the door opened. D_R reached for her lightsaber, which wasn’t there, and suddenly found herself scream as a purple penguin walked in.

“Hello, and oh gracious goodness mother save me!” He squeezed as he stepped inside and noticed the glowing beast before him. D_R brushed Scout’s side, and he faded away.

“Don’t bother,” she said cautiously, taking careful strides towards the exit, “he’s gone and won’t hurt you.”

“Well, I’m free at last!”

“Are you… um?”

“I’m Servant Penguin, and am finally free!”

“Oh, that’s good, but, were you rescued?”

“No, I just remembered that I had a miniature bomb strapped behind some of my feathers. I used it to blow apart the walls which had so cordially confined me for so long!”

“Oh, wait, why do you call them cordial?”

“I don’t know, it just sounds fitting.”

“Oh,” D_R said bluntly, stepping out of the room and deciding not to burst the bird’s bubble.

“Are you the only one here?” Servant Penguin asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, looking down the hall, not sure what to think or do.

“Oh, well, I was on radio with another fellow earlier, but then…” there was a hint of fear in his voice.

D_R turned sharply and looked him in the eyes. “But then what?”

“He screamed! Oh it was a ferocious scream, and then there was a crack, and a strange bisheet noise that wouldn’t stop. I decided to change channels, but accidentally dropped my com down the nearby drain in the floor. You wouldn’t believe how terrible the bisheet noise was, echoing down in those perky pipes. It reminded me of a bomb, and that’s when I remembered my own ballistic beacon.”

D_R didn’t know what to think of this, and felt slightly fearful that something terrible might have happened to whoever penguin had been calling. “I don’t know,” she said, and turned to walk away. Servant Penguin followed her, talking nonsense as they went. She discovered that he liked to use the wrong words to describe his adventures, like calling roasted peanuts soggy, and trampolines edifying. This was humorous of itself, however to D_R it was just annoying. She didn’t feel like laughing, or cracking jokes. Everything was mysterious and, well, almost lifeless. She stoped at an elevator, and waited a minute for it to open up. She half expected to see Greenflame24 in it when the doors slid open, but it was empty. What had happened to Greenie she couldn’t say. Perhaps he had finally lost his mind completely, but the guards seemed to be on his side, which didn’t make sense at all. Could he have been a traitor this whole time? The doors slid open and she walked out into another corridor. Windows lined the left side, ones that peered down into a large and empty hanger bay. She somehow made her way down there, with Servant Penguin following closely, and looked around. No one could be seen.

“What are you looking for?” Servant Penguin asked.

“Anyone I guess,” she said, feeling very confused. “I don’t sense any danger,” she almost whispered to herself, “just emptiness.”

As in response to her words, the large blast doors at the end of the room suddenly began to slide open, followed by an energy shield appearing. Before her emerged TheMeltingBrick, preparing itself to dock.

“Dragon!” An overwhelmingly joyful voice called out from behind. She turned to see Guitarman2 running towards her, SnapStudio at his heels. He almost stopped for a split second at the sight of her companion, but continued and stoped at her side, turning to view the approaching ship. “Dragon Greenie has turned evil,” he said in some kind of unreadable daze, “he killed both Snap and I, along with Operator and, well, just about everyone else.”

“What!” D_R asked, throughly confused.

“I’m not sure what’s happened,” Gman continued. “I know we died, or, at least Snap and the others. I saw them, and Greenie struck me down after I’d already been shot… I just don’t understand what’s happened. We woke up, and Operator was calling from the ship. He apparently had been killed, along NINJACatz, but they just found themselves inside the ship, drifting peacefully in space. I just now opened the doors for them to re-enter; I had no idea you were nearby.”

“I… I think I died too.”

“What happened to you all this time?” Snap asked. “You just disappeared, and Op said you went rogue.”

“He’s right,” Dragon said. “LW and I, I’m pretty sure he died as well, we thought Greenie was going to run off and decided to help him. We felt he had a right to do so.”

Gman shrugged, not really showing any opinion on the matter, and currently to relived to form one. They all ran forwards as the ship settled, and waited for Op and Ninjacatz to step out.

“I’ve already emailed everyone else,” was the first thing Operator said when he stepped out, very much to their confusion.

“Emailed?” Snap asked.

“No, I mean radioed, sorry. Anyways, everyone else is alive, at least, I think. KnightofElabor and J2 haven’t been found, along with those who aren’t actually users, like the Cyberninja and Random dude.”

“Random dude!” D_R exclaimed.

“Oh, hello rogue,” Op said with a wink, he hadn’t realized she was there until just now.

“Sorry, I…”

“Don’t bother, We’re just trying to get to the bottom of things.”

“So you’ve made connections with most the others?” Gman asked, very eager to figure things out.

“Yes, Lax is currently taking the others over here, except for the ones we still haven’t found and Lego_Lover. L_L can’t find his way here, and so Lax is going to have to go back for him.”

“Got it.”

“What about LegoWilderness?” D_R asked.

“Uh, what about him?” Operator asked.

“He was also killed, I would think that…”

“He’s probably alive somewhere, so that makes three, no four missing. We don’t know where Greenflame is either.”

They waited for the next twenty minutes or so, catching up on the events that had taken place, and giving suggestions to where the others might be. D_R also introduced them to Scout. Servant Penguin tried contributed to the conversation, but most of them were just short phrases like “Um”, or “Well I”. He never said anything beneficial though, mostly because the others didn’t allow him to. Eventually, company came, yet not as they expected.

“Knight!” Op had shouted, suddenly jumping up from where he had seated himself on the floor. KoE had just wandered in from a side entrance, looking around in confusion.

“I’ve never been so lost,” he said once they’ed welcomed him, and introduced him to Snap, Gman, and Dragon. Servant Penguin didn’t receive any introduction. They informed him of the latest events, and then asked him for his side fo things. “I’ll keep things brief for times sake, but Greenflame appeared to be dead the last time I saw him,” KoE told them. “I killed Lord_Phantom though, and someone shot me at that same moment. I assume I was killed, hearing your stories, but when I woke up everyone was gone.” He shrugged, “I just decided to look around, and found y’all.”

“That probably means Greenflame is still alive, but whatever happened to J2 and Random dude?”

“We split up, and they went to free the prisoners.”

“Oh, so that’s probably why we haven’t found them yet,” Gman stated.

Another door slid open and in shuffled the rest. “Hello idiots!” Someone yelled eagerly as they approached, trying to be funny.

“I’m heading back for Lego_Lover!” Lax yelled from the doorway, and then vanished. He returned half an hour later, L_L at his side.

“Well,” Op said with a clap of his hands. “We’re all here, except Greenie and J2, oh, and LW.”

“So what are we supposed to do?” L_L asked.

“Go look for the others,” Op stated quickly. “There isn’t really anything else to do, except leave, but we can’t leave without them.”

“Or MrBrick’s family,” Fireblade chuckled.

“What?” JCreations asked, very confused.

“We’ll explain everything, and then set up search parties.” L_L commanded, taking up his leadership role again. “What about our team leaders start with the explanations, Lax, you can go first.”

The next half hour or more indulged in storytelling and debriefing. Everyone began to understand points, and started to place pieces together. Though no completely logical, or accurate explanations for what had taken place were presented, discussing things together did make the team feel more confident. As this ended, and L_L started paring up members to head out, Dragon_Rider searched the faces of her friends. She felt a strange sense of safety, like if all danger had been eliminated, and she could see the others felt the same way. Their moods where lighter, and they presented themselves more casually. However, something seemed to be missing. It was probably the others, they’ed be here and that feeling would go away, she thought.

“Dragon,” Operator spoke loudly, causing her to snap out of her thoughts.

“Oh, sorry.”

“No problem, you’re going with Chuck.”

“Gotcha,” she said, giving a hi five to her new partner.

The pairing finished, and they all departed, each to an assigned area. Each group had received a new intercom, seeing as how a lot of those had either been lost or destroyed, and each group probably over communicated with each other as time passed on. This could have been out of fear of something unexpected happening, but most likely because they were all just glad to hear each other’s voices again. The most talkative out of the bunch was SnapStudio, who literally responded to everything that was said, if he hand’t said it himself.

The search went on for about an hour, and no one made really any progress. MrBrick and RickardCinema had been paired up, and were now drowsy and tired because of this, like everyone else. They turned down another corridor, walking lazily and ignoring this clamor that sounded from their com. RC stopped suddenly, and thrust out his hand to stop MrBrick dead in his tracks.

“J2?” He asked loudly, taking quick strides over to the boy who was curled up with his back against the wall. By the time MB had processed what had happened RC had already knelt down and was trying to strike up a conversation. J2 looked terrible, like a pigeon who had just finished weeping in a thunderstorm.

“Do you know where Greenie, or LW are,” RC asked.

“Greenie’s dead.” He whispered.

“No, he’s alive.” MrBrick started. “We all died too, but we came back to life.”

“No,” J2 said, standing up and shaking his head. “Greenies really dead. You’re alive because he’s dead.”

“What do you mean?” RC asked slowly.

“Greenie died to resurrect all of you. It was a machine Lord Phantom had made. If he sacrificed himself he could reverse the damage.”

“But…” MrBrick wanted to say strike up a counter point but couldn’t.

“Surely there is a way to reverse that too?” RC asked, his tried face now shadowed with pain and dread.

“No. He’s dead and that’s what we have to move on with.”

They stood still for a moment, looking at one another with expressions that said more than words could have. After a minute MrBrick took a few stepped away from the other two and calmly spoke the news into the com, and about five minutes after that the order was to return to the ship. The mission was over, and it was time to go home.


The mood on board the ship was solum and quiet as the team flew away. Even though they had found LegoWilderness (that being somewhat of a story itself), Roo Roo, other users, and had walked away victorious, the loss of Greenflame24 was disturbing to say the least. Operator could still be seen struggling with the long chains of code and program he’d taken from Lord Phantom’s archives, trying to figure out some way to resurrect their friend, but it only proved to deepen the downcast mood. Roo Roo had been sent home already, along with a note of explanation. It probably wouldn’t be believed, even if found, but no one wanted to reveal themselves to his family, and then get involved in legal matters back home. An official meeting was to take place sometime in the near future, where they would discuss how to fully handle the situation. The fact was simple; Mecabricks was a dangerous place. It wasn’t only a threatening place however, but a threat to earth itself. If the wrong hands got involved, things could turn dark very quickly. These same thoughts were settling in Pyro’s mind as he watched the stars slip past the window he was currently staring out of. He’d been thinking quietly for the past thirty minutes or so, but turned as Dragon_Rider’s soft footsteps met his ears. She approached to stare out of the glass pane herself, feeling the same emotions as Pyro, and everyone else.

“It feels so wrong, not properly telling anyone about all this.” He said.

“I don’t think anyone would appreciate it though, except the government. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone with political power discovering something like this.”

“I know,” Pyro muttered, lifting his hand and igniting a small flame for the first time since his demise. He suddenly stepped back in shock, looking down at his own flame like it was the answer to life itself. Dragon turned at this, and found herself just as surprised. The fire in Pyro’s hand, it was bright green.


A week later they were all settled down in the meeting room again. It had been decided they would officially dedicate their lives to guarding Mecabricks from evil. Though not everyone would always be active, at least three would stay behind at all times. Operator had mimicked Lego_Paradox’s technology to translate small radios from digital to physical form. Each member would carry one of these on them, just incase help was needed. It would allow them to communicate with each other no matter who was on or not. This was all good, and everyone agreed to it, but now a different subject was at hand. After Pyro’s discovery of what seemed to be a change in his power, a more in depth study on things was made, mostly by JCreations. They discovered that Pyro’s wasn’t the only one effected though, but everyone’s.

“Here’s the deal,” JC said, “Greenflame gave his life for us. It seems that we now are all effected in some way by him, and each posses some of his life. At our very root we seem to all hold a spark of his power. It doesn’t control us, but it is there nonetheless. For example,” he held his hand out, gesturing for Pyro’s help, who ignited a small flame. It was green like before, but slowly changed back to its original colors as it grew bigger. “As you can see,” JC began again, “the more power he uses the more evident it is that it is truly his power. However at the very seed of it we see he contains some of Greenie’s. We all do, which explains things like why Scout has bits of green visible in his eyes and scaly coat.”

“What about us who haven’t discovered out power yet, if we even have one?” Gman asked.

“I don’t know. I know we all contain life because of Greenflame, and I’m sure it is will show itself more and more as we dive deeper into things, but right now all I know is this, Greenie has given us a fire, and it’s out job to carry it.”

The End.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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11 months ago
Simply stunning, Greenie. You truly are a masterful writer!
11 months ago
19 chapters........

(I'm joking, it's a great story)
11 months ago
ah I get it, Epic end to it I love what you did vry vry nice. (still alive ☺)
11 months ago
@Gman Thanks a lot man
. This isn't finished... yet...

@Ian Oh, um... sorry... *cough* *cough*... but um, if we want to be real... since its two stories, and both tie into each other... it would be 39 chapters and 1 prologue.
. Anyways, thanks man... Who know... maybe you will make an appearance in the future.

@Fireblade Thanks man
. I can't wait for more
11 months ago
Aye, a bitter sweet ending...
Man, you're a great writer!

Kept my attention pretty much the whole time.
11 months ago
And I'm probably speaking for a lot
of us when I say, I'm glad you're here, buddy!
11 months ago
Impressive. Most impressive indeed. I’m definitely gonna have to re-read this, just to check a few plot points )to improve my understanding of the story). Awesome story, Greenie! Been a really fun one to see progress, and it’s definitely decent writing material. Keep it up!
11 months ago
@Snap Thanks bro
, it's great to be here... both in being on Mcabricks... and actually being alive
. Not sure which one you meant O_o... anyways, thanks so much!

@Operator That was a very Operatorish comment
... anyways, thanks so much. I'm glad you finally ended up reading through it all... I can't believe I've taken up about three whole pages of models with this story
11 months ago
Ayyyy dude that was EPIC!!! Man such a great ending, loved it!!

but the question now is. . . will there be a sequel???
11 months ago
This gave me some serious Warden and the Wolf King vibes. Not a problem, though.
Great ending, Greeny! Of course, it's sad, but no great thing can come without sacrifice. #ParaphrasedFromSomething
It's the kind of ending that leaves you feeling slightly stunned after you've finished.
All in all, I'd look forward to a part three, I can't remember if you mentioned that or not.
11 months ago
@KoE I don't understand why I keep scrolling to the very top of the page every time I want to respond... anyways... Thanks! And Yes, I'm planning on one... though... I don't think I'll start 'publishing' anything for a while.

@Dragon Thank you! Actually, I never even thought about TWaTWK when writing this
, though I totally see what you mean.
Part three... it'll be interesting
11 months ago
awe-inspiring, greenco!
although no mention of GEICO... should I still call you greenco?
11 months ago
@Gold Thank you! I'm not exactly sure what your question was though...

@justy Thank you! And yes, you can still call me Greenco... I totally need to have that referenced in a future chapter or something
11 months ago
2 things.
1: Can you list all the chapters?
2: YOU'RE ALMOST TO 200 BUILDS!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!
11 months ago
The moment i saw this i choked on my Bratwurst "IS THAT THE BERLIN WALL!?" then sputtered I.
11 months ago
@Sussie If you go to the library, and look up in the tags CyberFlame you will find all my chapters.
And yes, I know! I have a special build for the 200th

I'm surprised you're the first person who has said anything about the wall... though... it's not Berlin's
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