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Project D_R - Ch. 7
Published 3 months ago
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Project D_R

Chapter 7

Wednesday, Evening, Somewhere on the Western Coast of Australia

"Great Elabor," Sir Elabor complained as he exited the taxi with Greeny by his side. "Taxis cost a heap more here than America. Not to mention I lost half my money at the money-changers."
"You could ask Dragon to refund you," Greeny quipped, "After all, you are her knight in shining armor."
The expression behind the helmet was unreadable as Greeny laughed.
The two friends crested a ridge and looked out above a blue table-cloth which rose to meet the sky in a sparkling hello.
Sir Elabor whistled, a sound which echoed in his helmet.
"No time for sightseeing, we've got to look around," Greeny looked at his phone. "We're practically standing on top of the circle she sent us. I'll bet we'll find whatever we're looking for down on the beach."
They scrambled down the rocky cliff. Sir Elabor managed alright except for losing balance and rolling like a bowling ball down onto the sand.
"Not bad." Greeny followed carefully. "I could've gotten a strike with that."
"If we wen't on such a serious mission I'd want to go swimming. We don't have many beaches in Texas." Sir Elabor stood.
"You're telling me."
Searching the beach provided nothing but shells. When Sir Elabor picked one up it shot a dart at him. It glanced off his gauntlet and rebounded into the sand.
"Don't touch!"
"Thanks, mom."
"Over there! In the cliff!"
"I don't know, maybe right where my finger is pointing? You need to get rid of that helmet."
"A cave!"
Sir Elabor sprinted to the cave and peered inside. "Pass the phone."
Shrinnnnnggg. Sir Elabor drew his sword. "Let's see where this goes."
Activating the phone torch, Sir Elabor walked into the cave. "Come on."
"I don't like this," Greeny said.
As they left the bright sunshine of the outside world, all the hair on Greeny's head stood on end. From the depths of the cave came a low, menacing growl.

* * *

Wednesday, Evening, Back on the Zilla

"Roger that. Good work out there chaps. Report back to the Zilla ASAP." Op switched off the microphone and glanced wearily at Chuck.
"What's the jazz?" Chuck asked over his third soda.
"I hope you packed your toothbrush," Op said in disgust.
"Nah, I forgot. I've been using that spare green one with blue highlights."
"Anyway, Team 1 just checked in," Op surveyed his monitor. "They found Dragon's house after hitching a ride with some chap called Ian."
"Nothing. They found nothing. There was no power, but what can you expect in the middle of the woods?"
"Are they sure it was her house?"
"LW said they saw papers covering her desk with notes about Riders of Promise. That's her story, it had to be her house."
"What're we gonna do now?"
"I'm going to check in with Teams 2 and 4." Op flipped some switches and waited for the static to clear.
"Meanwhile, I shall grab another soda."
"Good grief."

End of Chapter 7

For Christ Alone!

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3 months ago
Nice! chuck has a addiction O_o
3 months ago
Great work, D_R! Keep it up!
3 months ago
Awesome Chapter!

What's funny is I'm not much of a pop drinker

@Fireblade: D:<
3 months ago
Great chapter! Greenie and Knight make a fun team up. From a writing perspective, don't let that go to waste!

I have a feeling that "spare green one with the blue highlights" will belong to someone, most likely not Chuck.
3 months ago
Ha! Jokes on you, it's my ship, is it not?
3 months ago
I, wait, hey... no like-- D_R!!!! 'We don't have many beaches in Texas'? WHAT!!!!

"With 350-plus miles of coastline, Texas has sandy beaches for days." Google.

Apart from that tid bit of wee information
, great chapter! I love the friendly rivalry between KoE and I, and it's great that we're together... it somehow just fits in my opinion, especially since it's a D_R story... maybe because, if you look back, him and I were the ones who blew up the most about your previous disappearance
. Anyways, keep it up, but I have to go by Chuck a new toothbrush.
3 months ago
@Fireblade, He's probably never tried Aussie fizzy before
Good stuff!

@Guitarman, Thank you! I shall!

@Chuck, Well, you are now!

@Op, As I said, listening to my brother and his friend banter each other was quite the inspiration
You fellows can be awfully savage to each other.

Ah yes, the poor unfortunate owner of the toothbrush . . .

@Greeny, Oh . . . 0_O . . . and I thought I knew American geography . . .
In my defence I pictured the two of you coming from Northern Texas. Amarillo or somewhere like that.
Yeah, y'all went kinda over the top
It was quite funny though
3 months ago
@D_R Well, I must say... I don't know a bit of Australian Geography, so don't feel bad
. Anyways, we are both near Houston, which isn't that far away from the beach. I've been there quite a few times...
Oh, and yeah... but hey, can you blame us?
, we'd thought we'd lost a friend... and were up past 10:00 theorizing about it together

Okay... now you really think we've lost it
3 months ago
If it's any reassurance, I won't vanish again

I probably would've done the same thing. When you disappeared I was up for ages wondering whether it was a joke or real.
3 months ago
D_R: We can honestly be quite savage indeed.
Just "Friendly discussion", as we call it.
3 months ago
Nice!! My favorite chapter yet!

yes, the chemistry between Greenie and I is amazing
(and pretty accurate to real-life xD)

well done!!
3 months ago
"and were up past 10:00 theorizing about it together" yes. . . i wish he was joking 0_0
3 months ago
@Sir Elabor, Thanks!
I had no idea! Thanks . . . I guess
3 months ago
@D_R Wait... when I disappeared it was actually believable that I might be leaving
... that, idda that... I just thought it was way too obvious that I was just making a spoof on things
... anyways,

@KoE There must be some kinda connection between Texans and Australians
... anyways, your new pfp is so weird, yet extremely awesome... I can't explain the vibes I'm getting from it
3 months ago
...I must really like the 'joy' emoji
3 months ago
Great job!

I didn't know shells could shoot darts. O_O
3 months ago
I think its cone shells, I read about them in one of my science books D_R however could probably tell you more about them, all I can say is if your not treated soon you dead
3 months ago
Cone shells have a stinger, they don't shoot darts. I don't believe there are any real shellfish (or mollusks, if you prefer) that shoot darts, yet, I don't live in Australia.
Cone shells do have a venomous stinger, and certain species can be fatal, so you should be careful. But thankfully they only live in Oceana, mainly the coasts of Australia.
3 months ago
yeah thats what i was thinking
3 months ago
@Greeny, Well, knowing your sense of humor I wasn't too worried.
(That emoji is a sneak little fella. Always showing up)

@Snap, Thanks!
They can't.

@Op, Yaaaay . . . Australia . . . home of all the poisonous creatures . . . except Mexico and Brazil . . . and Africa.

Yeah, Cone shells are pretty deadly. They don't shoot darts. We don't have anything that shoots darts actually.
3 months ago
So I looked on the side, and saw the Monkie Kid Bone Demon... and then I suddenly thought I was on that model instead of Chapter7, and so when I looked down at the first comment and saw Fireblade saying that Chuck had an addiction, I had to see if chuck made the model, and was shocked to see D_R's name there! I was like, D_R made the Bone Demon, really?... to me a second to realize my mistake
3 months ago

Though, to be honest, I sometimes do that
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