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ChuckZillaTime is finally erased from existence!
Published 1 year ago
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ChuckZillaTime: HA! You fell into my trap! Now! You will suff..!

One of Reece’s 1000000000000000 reinforcements: Die!

ChuckZillaTime: Oh no!

Reece: I am back!

LegoCommanderBacuara: Me too!

TheRealChonkey: Me three!

Nelson: Me four!

ChuckZillaTime: Stop them!

All of Reece’s 1000000000000000 reinforcements: *erases ChuckZillaTime from existence*

ChuckZillaTime: Forgive me!

Reece, All of his army full of 1000000000000000 reinforcements, LegoCommanderBacuara and TheRealChonkey: We will never forgive you!

ChuckZillaTime: What’s happening!

ChuckZillaTime: I will have my second reve...! *gets erased from existence*

j2fam77: I will defeat you all!

MOCmaster: Chuck might be gone but we will stop you all!

Cops: You’re going to the death bay!

*1 day later in the death bay*

Cops: Goodbye!

MOCmaster and j2fam77: *dies*

*Meanwhile at Reece’s hidden headquarters*

Reece: We have won!

TheRealChonkey: But where is my brick?

Cop 1: We found it and we originally planned to bring it to the lost and found in our station but we founded out that TheRealChonkey was the owner and he was here so you can have it back.

TheRealChonkey: Thank you!

Cop 2: Are you hosting a party?

Reece: Yep! Wanna join?

Cop 3: Some of us can while the rest of us have work to do.

Reece: Yep! We had a big victory!

Cop 2: Who did you defeat?

Reece: I defeated ChuckZillaTime and erased him from existence while j2fam77 and MOCmaster are arrested.

Cop 3: We sent them to the death bay.

Reece: Yes! They are gone!

The end.
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1 year ago
What do you have against MOCmaster, really?
You're real mean to him.
1 year ago
He was helping ChuckZillaTime in the universe this franchise takes place in.
1 year ago
But aside from this, you're still mean to him. You tried to start a war with him a few months back.
1 year ago
When I couldn’t win the Mecabricks Election.
1 year ago
It was because of The Lightbrighters that I tried to enter but all of the slots were taken so I planned to use his or TheSpyderBrick’s sigfig.
1 year ago
Wow, you DIDNT think I would know you would to this?

That wasn’t me, thank you, robo-chuck for the performance, I’ll rev u with j2 and Moc
1 year ago
That also wasn’t TheRealChonkey I killed, he left mecabricks, I got his brick months ago!
1 year ago
You have only seen me at 15% of my power

1 year ago
I have the power to collide all stars together and harvest their energy
1 year ago
Actually, since this is in a different universe, you can revive him, I'm leaving this universe.
1 year ago
This had better have a good explination. No one talks to my friends like that. Expecially when I am still functioning.
1 year ago
Plot twist I come and revive Chuck
1 year ago
Ok then I destroy him and revive him
1 year ago
Mick *lying*: Corrupter I found a guy who said you suck
Corrupter *believing*: WHO!!!!!????????
Mick: Reece
Corrupter: ima kill him using my crystals
Mick *in head*: Finnaly i have avenged MOCmaster and found a way to get corrupter on M files
*at reece's headquarters*
Reece: How did you find me?
Corrupter: DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*corrupter basts reece
1 year ago
1 year ago
dude this is messed up. This war needs to end.
1 year ago
You clearly haven't been paying attention to this.
1 year ago
whoops just saw the end. Sorry NB!
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