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I'm late for the party!
Published 4 weeks ago
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I was told I didn’t have to write a short story… but… well you know me

It was the day, the hour, the minute. I’d been wanting to do this for the past three months, no four. I grabbed a box of Lucky Charms, frowned, and thrust it aside. I needed the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, because today was special, today was the day I would get to eat cereal out of a wooden bowl. I had never eaten out of a wooden bowl before, at least not one filled with cereal, but my life was about to change. I set the wooden object down on the table and grabbed the box of crunchy cinnamon squares, but stopped. My heart skipped a beat as I saw the small yellow piece of paper that sat alone on a nearby chair. I couldn’t have, no, oh no. Grabbing the paper I read the date to Justyouraveragelegobuilder’s birthday party, and the arrival time, then almost cried. I had fifteen minutes to get ready, get over there, and show proof of vaccination and negative COVID test. This last part didn’t worry me, even though I wasn’t vaccinated and had never taken a COVID test in my life, security was easy to get around, however I knew that if I wasn’t in my assigned seat seventy-two seconds before 9:31AM I would not receive any party favors. With all this at stake I leaped up, threw my party outfit together, and somehow managed to comb my hair, something I hand’t done since before the first time I killed myself.

“Pig!” I shouted as I ran outside. My Jeep was in the shop, so I had to find a different form of transportation. The muddy beast hobbled over to me and snorted. “Pig, you’re going to take me to Justy’s house for a birthday party, okay?”

Pig just stood there, looking at me with hunger in his eyes. He probably wanted cake, and would have some as soon as we got there, but we had to get going. Realizing that no saddle was present, I ran inside and looked for a substitute. My wooden bowl was still empty, so I took it and ran back outdoors.

“Here,” I said in triumph, “I knew this would come in handy in just more ways than one!”

Placing the bowl on Pig’s back, I leapt upwards and tried to make myself comfortable. Before I finished finding my sweet spot however, the vehicle leapt into action. We trotted down the bumpy sidewalk at top speed, passing snails on both our right and left. I spent most of the time complaining about the counties’ poor job of keeping our sidewalks in order, and Pig spent most of the time breathing through his congested nose. I soon checked my watch, and realized we’d made very little progress over the past six minutes. Something had to be done, or we would be late.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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4 weeks ago
Did I mention I was also sunburnt?
I thought you knew that that creative writing isn't allowed and is punishable by DEATH
4 weeks ago
@POKEMONGO sup i in college

@Justy Wait, no, what! I thought it was optional, but not required! *big thugs come in to take me away* No, please, please! I have money, I have friends, no, no you don't know what you're doing, don't argh!!!!!

*am pulled away and into a back room screaming the entire time*

I will not disclose the events that followed this >_<...
4 weeks ago
@Justy and a club... or two... or... three... one of those had metal spikes... but I should stop here X_X
4 weeks ago
@Greenie, you may need more than that arch reactor to fix *shudders* that *grimaces*
4 weeks ago
aw man my bruise from that fall just heale-
3 weeks ago

Why'd you have to end it there?
Goodness, you are sunburnt O_O
3 weeks ago
@Justy No no no! Snap is not another witness, he's just someone who passed by and is minding his own business, just ignore him.

@Snap Because I can...

I spent too much time playing checkers in the Wallmart parking lot on a scorching Texas afternoon.
3 weeks ago
I'm also just passing by and minding my own business.....
3 weeks ago
@NinjaDude Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, that’s a VERY good idea… just saying… O_o
3 weeks ago
Noice story, Greenie! Geez, you burn up even worse than me!

Justy - “Cheshire grin” reminds me of Aech!
(Book version, I mean.
yep, I was inspired by her to use that phrase more often!
have you read RP2 yet though? so good...
3 weeks ago
Justy - Nice! Aech nailed the “capable female” character!
(AND remarkable black character)
I haven’t read Ready Player Two yet, but I’m planning to.
3 weeks ago
I’m currently reading the Divergent series. It’s okay, but kind of overrated.
3 weeks ago
i play pokemon GO i have charsard cp 1624
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