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GuitarMan's Game.
Published 3 weeks ago
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Greetings GuitarMan.
In this game, you are are stuck on a tower. This tower will eventually fall, and the box on your head, will decapitate you in the process.

In front of you is the jump to victory. Only, it seems near impossible to make it. If you fall trying to get over their, you get decapitated.

Will you make it, or die trying.
Live or die.
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3 weeks ago
Out of curiosity, what’s the deal with these “games”? Are there any rules? Is it some sort of role play, attempting to make an interesting story?
3 weeks ago
Rules. Simply survive.
Mostly wondering what people do in this situation.
3 weeks ago
how Gman survives *triggers homing beacon, Clones arrive*
3 weeks ago
FB: Yeah, that’s kinda why I asked.
There’s no specification of your environment, gear, or abilities, so like, Doctor Strange could open a portal and save you or something. Or maybe you brought your trusty rocket boots, or a lightsaber.
3 weeks ago
@Op I feel like you might be a little bit excited for No Way Home… idda know… just seems like you keep hinting at it
3 weeks ago
Greenie: Although I AM extremely excited for NWH, I was actually making a HISHE reference.
Check out their “Villain Pub” video where Batman finds the Villain Pub for more context.
3 weeks ago
(The video’s called “Villain Pub: Boss Battle”, or something like that. It’s really good, you should check it out.)
3 weeks ago
Op - He’s making games based off the “Saw” franchise, a horror series where a dummy puts people in horrific traps.
3 weeks ago
Well then, I suppose we’ll have to use our extensive knowledge of various franchise power ups and weapons to defeat this villainous ploy . . .
3 weeks ago
hmm okay i found a problem with your "games" (aside from the fact that they are, tho obviously fictional, very disturbing)
why wouldn't the user just try to make it? they could die either way, but at least if they try there's not a 100% chance. . . idk just food for thought
the ultraman capsule was activated, and the trap harmlessly broke on the neck of Ultraman
3 weeks ago
Where to begin..............................
Okay, one, the goal in this situation is to not panic, so that would not be my face. Secondly, there shouldn't be a comma after head. Thirdly, as there are no parameters to this situation, I can rely on the fact that my "casual" wear in rigged for combat situations, which means that I wouldn't have gotten into this in the first place, making this model invalid.
But for your sake, I'll get out.
Also, why am I standing on one leg? There's plenty of space for me to stand on both legs, or even sit down. And how exactly will the box decapitate me? If it comes from the side I can block it with my pocketknife, and if it comes from the top, the decapitation won't work properly.
Oh, how tall is this tower? Cause if it ain't that tall, I'll just jam my pocketknife between the blade and my neck and just hop down. Or I'll tilt my head to the side to activate the box (I assume that's how it works), and then wait for the tower to collapse and guide my fall with it. Or I can just unscrew the box from my head and then I don't have to worry about anything.

Or I could just use the nanotech in my combat gear to get out.
Or I could call for some help on my comlink.

And there, I have just listed several possibilities for escape without even trying the jump.
Completely avoidable scenario, 1/10 stars.

Have a good day!
3 weeks ago
@Gman, good questions, great answers
3 weeks ago
Many thanks to the both of you.
3 weeks ago
Oh, my friend who dragged us all into this. I have a "game" for you.

You awake to find yourself in a room exactly 9 feet by 9 feet by 22 feet. You know this because the walls and floor are punctuated by 1 square foot steel tiles welded over the original walls. There is a door on the south wall, but it's obviously not meant for escape, as there's a steel covering over the outside of the keyhole, and there are no other openings in the door. However, exactly fifteen feet up, there is a window big enough for you to fit through. You are then informed that the room will flood with dihydrogen monoxide in exactly thirty minutes. (keep in mind that dihydrogen monoxide is one of the most deadly substances known to man, seeing as everyone who comes in contact with any of its three forms has a 100% mortality rate. Think you can change that?)

In your room with you, you have nothing but your clothes, and a 3 foot rope.
How do you escape?
3 weeks ago
WantToPlayAGame can I have a game pleeeeeeeeeeeeaze?
3 weeks ago

xD I love de-capitating my friends!

Too bad I am invurerable
2 weeks ago
ehh talking of shaving i need to do that
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