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The Dawn of Knight - Ch.2
Published 10 months ago
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The Dawn of Knight

Part 1


Koda Sato and six other soldiers of The Fire Kingdom stood around a screen table watching a cluster of blue dots move slowly toward their beloved city. The mood in the bunker, which was the only thing between the dots and the city, was tense. Every soldier had his or her weapon fully loaded. They felt like they were about to jump out of a plane.
Koda stood up. They expected him to say something.
He took a deep breath.
The dots moved closer
“Um, Look I know this is terrifying.”
“And I know this is frustrating. We should have been able to stop them, but we couldn’t.”
“And now they are retaliating.”
“But we have a chance here.”
“We’ve held them back before, and we can do it again.”
The dots were on top of them.
Koda strapped on his helmet.
“And after this,” he added, “we retaliate.”
He unlocked the trapdoor and led his yelling battalion into the army of The Undead.
Koda began to cut his way through hordes of Undead. The rest of his team assumed their assigned positions. It was relatively easy. All they had to do was kill the Master, then the rest of the army would retreat.
“16, what’s your position?” Koda yelled through the com.
“We're at the west point. No sign of the Master!” 16 yelled back.
“Alright, keep your eyes out!”
The battle continued. Minutes passed like hours.
Usually the Master would be found by now. Something wasn’t right. The Undead had changed their strategy.
Suddenly a voice exploded through Koda’s com.
“This is 011, we have a problem here! They have big ones! Two, closing in from east and west!”
Koda began yelling frantically into the com,“16, 24, get your teams back here! They’ve chan-”
Something hit him from behind.
His head exploded with pain as his body smashed through a wall and the sounds of the battle dimmed.
Suddenly he stopped flying.
He could hear fragments of 011 yelling something unintelligible through his broken com link.
His dazed mind took in his surroundings. He was inside the ruined building that 011 had set his lookout nest on top of.
Suddenly he thought he noticed something glowing out of his peripheral vision. A blue, glowing, stone had fallen out of one of the old crates that stopped his flight. His hand was resting on it.
It felt… warm.
Then Koda disappeared.



What did ya think of chapter 2??
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10 months ago
Great jumping gumdrops! Not only was the chapter epic, but the build is amazing!
Wait, are there going to be 8 chapters?
Anyways, those Undead are creepy >_<
10 months ago
Very cool, Knight! You're doing a great job of setting up the characters! Kind of a What If? vibe I'm getting here.
10 months ago
Impressive model
10 months ago
Amazing!! I really can relate to this scene as my favorite marvel hero is cap and they did a similar scene in The Winter Soldier. tysm for making chapter 2 about my character!!!
10 months ago
I will also add I love the addition of the numbers, 16, 011, and 24 very clever Knight
10 months ago
10 months ago
@BM16YT, yeah I noticed that too
10 months ago
@FB, thx!

@Greenie, thanks man!! yeah in part 1 there's gonna be 8 chapters

@Op, lol thx xD (but hey just for the record, i came up with that concept waaaaay before What If came out. . . if anything they stole it from me

@Snap, thank you!! this is honestly one of my favorite models for this story (well, so far, at least)

@MrB, thx xD

@BM, hey thank you man glad you like it!!! (oh yeah u r right this is kinda like that scene from WS xD)

ah yes, the number code name refences
10 months ago
Knight: Not sure I can trust you behind that helmet. '-'
That's your cue to say "You're one to talk"
10 months ago
this reminds me of what if a lot!
but I don't blame you, it's hard to do a multiverse story without taking inspiration from a different one.
10 months ago
@Justy, yeah that's honestly true when it come to any story xD

but hey, once all of part 1 is out, i'll actually be able to somewhat prove that i didn't take any inspiration from What If
i mostly took inspiration from Spider-Verse and one of my favorite books of all time, A Wrinkle in Time (the move sucks btw)
10 months ago
a CLASSIC TBWB moment. (The Book Was Better)
it's up there with the goblet of fire and a whole lot more.
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