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1967 Snake Oiler Car - LEGO Speed Champions Style
Published 11 months ago
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Wow. I built this thing about a year ago, and even featured it in a rendering (https://mecabricks.com/image/rendering/o/jMvMMD.jpg), but somehow never got around to posting it all by itself. Here's my take on Snake Oiler's Car from the 1967 Speed Racer Animated Series. Snake is the snobby star driver of the infamous Car Acrobatic Team, and his car is equipped with mini wings that allow it to glide for short distances. The car overall just seems to have the ability to disobey the laws of physics whenever it's convenient. I really enjoyed building this thing. Its Jaguar D-Type-styled single-seater layout provided a unique challenge, and the over-the-top paint scheme of the car was also fun to recreate. The Snake Oiler Minifigure was also fun to design, although it does highlight just how strange some of the racing outfits in the show were. Honestly, what was that man thinking when he put together that getup? It's like he couldn't decide whether he wanted to dress up as a superhero, a circus clown, or a stunt plane pilot.
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8 months ago
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