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Star Wars, Rise of the Empire, Chapter 5
Published 10 months ago
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Star Wars, Rise of the Empire

Chapter 5

Carl paced in the small cell. Around and around he went, all the while mentally kicking himself for revealing that Jade was a Jedi. "Me and my big mouth." He scolded himself. "There you are, smack bang in the center of an Imperial prison, and you announce to all the world that your best friend is a Jedi. What an idiot." "I still can't get over it," his Dad said. "All that time, we were looking after a Jedi?" Carl sighed in frustration and sat down on the seat. "I wonder what happened to Ahsoka." Carl said, almost to himself. "Who?" Carl's mother asked. "Oh she's a friend of . . ." Suddenly the door slid back and light flooded into the cell. "Carl?" a voice asked. "Right here! Is that you Ahsoka?" "Who else. Hurry up let's go." Carl and his parents ran out the door. "Beepi brought the ship just outside the city so we'll take you're parents there and come back for Jade." "How do you know what happened?" Carl asked. "I could hear snatches of what happened though the helmets. Not much, just enough to know whats going on." They ran though the halls, avoiding troopers. Once, they came face to face with a stormtrooper. Carl felt his heart sink into his boots. But Ahsoka calmly made a movement with her hand and said. "You didn't see us. Everything is normal." "I didn't see anything. Everything is normal," the trooper repeated, and walked off. "How in the galaxy did you . . . " "Come on!" Ahsoka said. They made it outside the prison, and weaved their way though the city towards their ship. They climbed inside. Beepi greeted them with a questioning beep. "No droid we don't have Jade." Ahsoka said. "We're going back to get her okay?" "I'm coming too." Carl said. "Carl, it'll be a lot easier to sneak in if I am alone." "I don't care, Jade's my sister and I'm coming too. What if you get into trouble? Besides, we've made it halfway across the galaxy without any adults and we were fine. You'll need me." "Right," Ahsoka said, looking at his parents. "Is he always this defiant? You can come Carl."

Jade woke up with a splitting headache. At first, she couldn't remember where she was. Then it came back. The prison, finding her parents, the Inquisitor. She pulled at her bonds, but they didn't break. She wished she had her lightsaber. She always kept it in the satchel she wore, along with other things from the Jedi Temple. What happened to it? She wondered. She closed her eyes, searching for the feel of the kyber crystal that had called to her all those years ago when she created the saber. She open her eyes in astonishment. The satchel was lying by her chair, half open. The Inquisitor hadn't seen it. She almost laughed out loud as she called the saber to her hand. She ignited the emerald green blade, and sliced though the bindings as though they weren't there. She leaped out of the seat and placed the satchel on her shoulder, sliding the lightsaber into it. Opening the cell door using the Force, she peered outside. "Hey you!" A stormtrooper came towards her, raising his blaster. Without thinking, she Force-pushed him into the wall, where he slumped to the ground, unconscious. "Now, I have to find my way out." She headed down the hall and around several corners when she suddenly bumped into the last person she wanted to see. "How did you escape?!?" The Inquisitor asked raising his lightsaber. "Come here!" Jade turned and bolted the other way. She heard the foot-steps as the Inquisitor gained ground. Realizing that he would catch her, she spun around and drew out her lightsaber, igniting it, and sending it slashing toward the Inquisitor's helmeted face. The Inquisitor jumped backwards in surprise and barely was able to block the cut with his own saber. Red and green clashed together as the two force-users battled in the hall.
Carl and Ahsoka heard the thrum and glow of lightsabers and raced towards it. They saw Jade and the Inquisitor locked in combat and saw, with horror, that Jade was being overmatched. Jade saw her friends and felt relief. She didn't have long to dwell on it because the Inquisitor was slowly but surely, winning. "What do we do?" Carl asked in a frenzy of fear. "We have to help her!" Ahsoka said. "I know that but how? We can't fight him he's . . . oh no!" Carl's voice cut off in an exclamation of dismay. The Inquisitor had Jade pinned against the wall and was readying to strike, when Carl flew at him. He leaped on his back and the force of his fall drove the Inquisitor to the ground. The Inquisitor swung his lightsaber around, and Carl felt a burning sensation in his arm. It felt as if his entire arm was on fire. He fell to the ground. He saw Ahsoka pull out her blaster and fire at the Inquisitor. Jade grabbed him and helped him to his feet. "Carl are you okay?" She asked. "I'll live," he replied though the pain. "Come on we need to run." Ahsoka told them. "What of the Inquisitor?" Jade asked. "I stunned him." Ahsoka replied. "He'll wake up soon so we need to hurry." They made their way as quickly as possible though the hall and eventually reached the outside. They walked to the ship and boarded. Jade took Carl to the infirmary where their parents were. Ahsoka closed the hatch and the ship took off into space.
The Inquisitor woke up in the hall. He saw the scorch marks on the walls from the lightsabers. He saw a drop of blood from that boy who has stopped him from dealing with the Jedi. He shakily rose to his feet and saw with wrath that his lightsaber had been taken. Hearing the pat of footsteps behind him he turned to see a young Imperial officer. "Inquisitor sir," the young man said. "There is an urgent call for you in your quarters." "I will be there." The Inquisitor said. "Very good sir," and the officer walked away. Picking up a scrap of cloth which had torn from the girl's tunic, the Inquisitor gripped it in his hand and said, "I will find you girl. I will hunt you down and turn you to the dark side. You have my word."

Jade walked into the cockpit. "The escape pod's ready Ahsoka. But I don't see why you should leave. I just found you again. Come with us and help us start a new life in the Unknown Regions. Somewhere the Empire isn't." "I'm sorry Jade," Ahsoka said, looking at her. "But I have other business as well." The three walked down toward the escape pods. Ahsoka climbed in and looked at her friends. "I'm sure we'll meet again." Jade jumped in and hugged her friend, while Carl shook her hand very hard. "Jade," Ahsoka said, looking seriously at her. "I want you to remember, that what ever happens, the Force will be with you . . . always." With that, the door slid shut, and the pod jettisoned out into space. "Bye Ahsoka," Jade whispered. She then turned, and walked away.

End of Chapter 5

This is almost the end of the story but not quite. So stay tuned for the next part! I hope you liked this chapter! Don't forget to give reviews and criticism!

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10 months ago
This is once again a great story, just remember to add commas.
10 months ago
Awesome! So one more part?
10 months ago
Great, great chapter...just....

"He saw Ahsoka pull out her blaster"

...Ahsoka uses guns?
10 months ago
@XForce198, thanks, I know, commas are the bane of my writing life.

MrBrick, Thanks! And yes one more part.

@Guitarman2, Thanks!

@CalManProductions, Thanks! Yes, I should think Ahsoka uses blasters. I mean she doesn't have her lightsabers anymore so she needs some form of defence.
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