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Happy Thanksgiving From Snap!
Published 2 years ago
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Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at SnapStudio!
Only kidding, it’s just me.

Feel free to tell me the top 3 things that you’re thankful for this year, and what you’re doing to celebrate!
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2 years ago
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. *stomach rumbles* Whoa, what was that? *chuckles nervously* Thunder? (

aNYwAyS, my top three thankful things? Hmm . . . .

1. That God made me.
2. For my family.
3. For all the awesome friends I've made on Mecabricks, and other places.
2 years ago
Thanks, dude.
Happy Thanksgiving!
2 years ago
Well, in England we don't have thanksgiving, I guess it still doesn't mean we can't be grateful!
- That I can make awesome models out of lego, and other various materials.

- That I have an amazing family and friends.
- That I am very fortunate to be a small part of this huge world!

Happy thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy!
2 years ago

Should’ve thought of that.

But you are definitely right!
happy aniversary of the year that pilgrims took advantage of natives! my three things are:
a roof over my head
food on my plate
and an education
2 years ago
I'm thankful for
-Friends to talk to during the pandemic.
-Finding an ability to write.
2 years ago
Thankful for:



2 years ago
@justy, Ah yes. The celebration of taking advantage over others. Always something nice to celebrate XD

I’m thankful for

1. My cat

2. My family

And last, but not least,

3. Chocolate chip cookies

2 years ago
I guess for me, it's really family/friends
2 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving all!
(Pyro's Editorial note: @JustyOurAverageBuilder, The Pilgrims didn't take advantage of the Native Americans - in fact, a Native by the name of Squanto was to thank that their crops grew well enough to celebrate after the 3 day fast for thanksgiving)
2 years ago
@justy, ikr
Some things I'm grateful for:

2. A roof over my head
3. Pets

While giving thanks is great, the history behind thanksgiving is a nothing to be proud of.

@Pyro, they not only took advantage of them, but they also murdered them.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I'm thankful I'm adopted by God and the family and friends, privilege and freedom, grace and truth that that brings.
I'm also thankful for the internet, so I can be a light in the dark.
Lastly, I'm thankful that the Kirk Kristiansens invented the automatic binding brick

@Justy Our Average Builder and @Forge_ check out these articles on the Pilgrims



I guess we'll have to agree to disagree... that newspiece was very obviously biased by the author, Debra Utacia Krol, who lacks any degrees in history. Plus, you only supplied one source as compared to my 3 sources from multiple different organizations, not to mention that at least two of my authors have Ph.Ds... so whatever

Let's give thanks rather than hate.
2 years ago
Um, yeah, we can agree to disagree, but we can’t disagree about real history.
And I guess that is true, but it makes sense that the system built on the genocide of indigenous peoples wouldn’t want them to get a degree and write about truth.

Also, your sources provided little to no proof that the Pilgrims didn’t kill the Natives.
2 years ago
I agree, we should try to give thanks and not hate, but we should at least acknowledge the atrocities committed by past generations so we can work to build a better world.
Happy thanksgiving
today is still a happy day, lets not turn this into another 'spectre' squad.
K. Last word - we can disagree about history because it's in the past and we have no witnesses in the present who remember it. The past cannot be repeated in a lab, so we can't say for sure what happened unless we have an infallible source.
2 years ago
@Pyro, I agree, God knows best.
2 years ago
Yeah, guys, let's cool this down. No one's opinion is going to change, so arguing about it isn't going to help. Yes, the pilgrims did mistreat the natives in many ways, and yes, the first thanksgiving was a good time for everyone there. But arguing about it won't change history. Okay?
2 years ago
Yes, thanks @OP, handled like a true president!
2 years ago
The Turkey Murdering Holiday?? Oh...

My top three thankful things to be very thankful for:

1. I have all you guys during these pretty tough times.
2. For my family - I mean, I wouldn't get anywhere without them xD
3. Soccer

There ya go! Also... as a presidential candidate (which holds no power whatsoever, but hey, I started it all *grins*), it's not a good idea to start a new comment section "battle" of sorts, like Op pointed out. For my family - myself included - we don't celebrate Thanksgiving because of the landing of the pilgrims, and the history behind the arrival of the Mayflower to America. We celebrate it because we're thankful to God for the things that have brought us this far in life... the turkey, puddings, and biscuits etc. are just tradition. Being thankful for what you have, whatever small, makes Thanksgiving what it is.
2 years ago
Happy Turkey everyone!

That video's hilarious, he has a quarantine one too.

Well said.
2 years ago
LW: Well said, mate. Well said.
2 years ago
Man, time flies when you’re having fun.
2 years ago
Yeah, you ever seen those clocks with wings? Time does fly!
2 years ago
1: i'm happy that god got board and did something he wanted to make the universe
2:family members
3:not being homeless
5:entertainment (memes,legos,minecraft and the ability to hate fortnite)
2 years ago
I highly doubt that God was bored when he created the universe.

How come you don’t like Fortnight?
2 years ago
becouse it took over minecraft's popularity and minecraft was my favorite at that time.

but now fortnite isn't too bad just now when i play it it wont let me do creative but i can do save the world but its not working for some reason and my mom doesnt let me do battle royale so its like i cant even play the game anymore! so its like its offending me.

(save the world isn't working not becouse i didn't pay for it it came free witch was awesome but its now not working. and no it wasn't a demo or a free trial its not working for some reason)
1 year ago
ОХХХХХХ, мы пытаемся поужинать?
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