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Ninjago: Story of Spinjitzu
Published 7 months ago
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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of my favourite LEGO theme, I made a model using over 1500 pieces featuring Ninjago's most iconic locations and buildings. (Aside from Borg Tower, that is. *trails off in thought*) Anyway.
Monastery of Spinjitzu. First seen in the Pilot Season, this building is the center of my project and the starting point for all of Ninjago. In the show, it was featured in the Pilot Season through Season 1, when it was burned down. It was burned down again in Season 7, and finally rebuilt in Season 10. It hasn't been destroyed again (yet).
Fire Temple. The location of the final Golden Weapon and the third Fangblade, this is the place where Lloyd was first discovered to be the Green Ninja. It was seen in the Pilot Season through Season 1.
Djinjago. The floating city Nadakhan built after the destruction of a realm, before Jay's final wish erased (almost) all the effects of the events.
The Temple of Airjitzu. This is the sole physical remainder of Nadakhan's conquest in Season 6. It was seen from Season 5 through Season 7. (And mentioned in Season 8.)
The Castle of Ice. Zane's castle when he was tricked into becoming the evil Ice Emperor in the Never-Realm, where he ruled for many decades. It has now been restored to it's original form in Season 11.
The Dungeons of Shintaro. First seen in Season 13, these dungeons are the mine for many tonnes of Vengestone. The Skull Sorcerer was defeated by Cole, who used the Spinjitzu Burst to defeat him.


Support on LEGO IDEAS!!

Missing Parts
Double conclave slope: https://rebrickable.com/parts/962/ --An overlapped substitute is being used--
Kai's Hair: https://rebrickable.com/parts/15705/ --A (poor) substitute is used--
Sword of Fire!! https://rebrickable.com/parts/93055/ --A katana is used instead--
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1624 pieces
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7 months ago
Thanks! @Oper8or, I actually updated a couple things, as well as replacing a couple parts
7 months ago
i love how you made the rest of the future vison gi for the ninja, would it be possible to get the files for those pieces?
7 months ago
I can put them up in a smaller file
I also want to put them in my collective WIP
7 months ago
Is this stable enough to stand if built in real life? Doesn't look like much holding up the model. I like how it's tensegrity based anyways. Cool model in general!
7 months ago
@Clif, that's what I'm working on atm! I (I got a little caught up in the thoery, then I wanted to put it up as soon as I could, and by the time I noticed that, I had already made it to over 100 supporters
I'll be trying to figure out a way to fix the problem as soon as my LEGO comes in the shipment (I just moved country
Hopefully I have enough pieces!!)
7 months ago
Oh sweet, could dm me a link of the smaller file?
7 months ago
Love seeing this in 3D already following.
7 months ago
it is impressive but you should make a rendered image
2 weeks ago
I would support this on Lego Ideas, but I'm not old enough to create an account, but I will during Ninjago's 11th anniversary!
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