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Lego_Lover 200TH Model Celebration!!
Published 1 week ago
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HERE IT IS!! 200 MODELS in my Account!!! To star off, I just want to say:
I would have never started Mecabricks if it wasn't for you guys! You guys have all been so supportive, kind, funny, helpful, and Intelligent!
I loved Everybody here since the beginning, and thought of you all as a second Family to me! And you could also call this "The Friends Of Lego_Lover Reboot" winking face I've got everybody here! At the top we have:
ApocalypticBrick, TheCJbricker10, as well as me, and on the other L I have my Mech also built by @TheCJbricker10!! Thanks bud! You're the best! And down low I have my friends such as: Frenchfry207, TheTGbricker10, MasterBricks, XForce198, JmanBricks, Etahn.J.Bricks, ChipTheBuilder, WyndGekko, Citrine, Samino, Cliff_Guy404, ArmoredBricks, and Zach, just for fun! winking face
And I'm even celebrating my 'The Mystery Ninja' Series! As it literally just started out as a Minifigure, and then it got bigger, and bigger, and Bigger! And it's another reason why I'm still here today smiling face with open mouth
And seriously: you guys are Awesome! Some of the best People I've ever met! As I've also heard directly from you all; I've inspired you all with a lot of Creations! As well as you have to me! You make me want to go on! The only reason I open up my Laptop, and start building something, instead of doing something else! And you've gotta admit: this is WAY more better than Stud.io smiling face with sunglasses *Hehe! * Thanks guys, for all that you have done. Peace out, and keep having a Happy life! winking face
~Sincerely, Your Boy: Lego_Lover~ Stay fresh fellas! Signing for now winking face
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1 week ago
You should create multiple renders for this, as it is hard to navigate the 3-D model version because of lag.
1 week ago
DEAR GOD THE LAG! Plus, YOU'RE WELCOME, BUDDY! I look soooo cool smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 week ago
@ChipTheBuilder Thank you! And I was thinking of doing that too! Maybe I'll use Blender for it! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
@TheCJbricker10 I'M SORRY!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! XDDD You're welcome! And Thanks!! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 week ago
Anytime! Plus, You've already been forgiven winking face
1 week ago
Nice job. Thank you so much for adding me!!! It really means a lot!
1 week ago
TG: You're welcome!!
AB: You're welcome too! You're literally the first person I met! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 week ago
Great job Bro! Love the Build! Thanks for including me by the way! smiling face with open mouth Can't believe you're at 200 Builds! 300 is right around the corner!
1 week ago
Yeah. I think I thought one of your builds was cool, and you asked some questions. And then I met CJ, and we started being friends!
1 week ago
EJB: Thank you! And you're welcome!
AB: Yeah! That's how we started the Trio!
And I also just made a New Post! smiling face with open mouth
1 week ago
The model doesn’t even load on my phone it’s just a blank screen
1 week ago
Getting Lag just from scrolling through the comments!
1 week ago
@WyndGekko SORRY! I went all-out! XD
@JmanBricks Thank you! I worked SUPER Hard on it! smiling face with open mouth
1 week ago
here is a new Render! I think I'm going to start showcasing the different parts of the Model using Blender! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 week ago
Thanks for adding me, this is so great, but really laggy, nice job, and congrats on 200 models.
1 week ago
Thanks bro! And you're welcome! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
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