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Cole's Spike Bike MOC
Published 2 weeks ago
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Here's another MOC! I haven't done one of these in awhile, so here's a new one! I call it: "Cole's Spike Bike"! It's supposed to be for the LEGO Theme, NINJAGO, as it has one of the main characters in the cockpit! The color scheme for this is: Black, Dark Gray, Silver, Warm Gold, Dark Brown, Brown, and some transparent colors in there! The Cole minifigure that's in the cockpit, Is My V15 Cole, That I made myself! Hopefully you guys like this MOC, and Have a great day! By the way, there's also a 7 part series on how I made this on my YouTube channel winking face

-CJ's NINJAGO Vehicles-
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2 weeks ago
Amazing! I love the Detail! smiling face with open mouth smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
2 weeks ago
Thanks, L_L! You should know I worked really hard on it! I even thought about re-doing it at times!
2 weeks ago
You're welcome! And I bet!
And why is the Editor turned off? I'm just Curious.
Because if someone was THAT WELL committed. They could just watch your YouTube Videos on how you did it!! XDDD
2 weeks ago
True, true. I just turned it off just because Confused face
2 weeks ago
Nice! this is one sick looking ride CJ, I love all the spikes. I'll have to check out this video.
2 weeks ago
Thanks! and warning: It's A 7 part series.
2 weeks ago
Also, just search up "TheCJbricker10" on YT.
2 weeks ago
Amazing! Awesome! Spectacular!
Honestly this is a GREAT build!
Keep up the good work!
2 weeks ago
Thanks, MM! I do more of these, just check my account!
2 weeks ago
It looks great. It must have taken you forever hmm??
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