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The Mystery Ninja Chapter 13, Part 4: XF's Turn!
Published 11 months ago
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Here is Part 4! XF's turn to take a big hit on MN! Enjoy!!

Me: We don't have to fight you! We can talk about it--
MN: NO!! I don't need to!
Me: But you got nothing to lose!
As MN kept running in extreme anger.
Then, suddenly, XF jumped above everybody and made a wall of flames!! As I thought to myself: "Hey, it's kind of like what CJ did earlier smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes)
Me: Just surrender now! You're only gonna keep running!
MN: Never! You're the one that ruined my life, and my drams!
We all continued to run after him. But we were all running out of energy! And MasterBricks was ready to throw another Plate or two back at him!
To be continued....
~The Mystery Ninja Story by Lego_Lover~
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11 months ago
You ruined his life and drams might wanna fix that
11 months ago
Thanks everybody!
@JmanBricks I didn't try to, or intentionally do that! XD Apparently he just thinks that!
11 months ago
Nice, thanks for adding me, the mystery ninja is toast!
11 months ago
And also, the reason I made you in that pose was because you were actually fixing your hair to that form!
Because I know you recently changed your look, so I modified it!
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