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10,000 views [Announcement]
Published 4 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
I have been working on this model for a while, its still not ready to post yet though as if still need to build the back portion of the castle, the third left tower and the cliffs over to the left side and maybe behind the right reservoir if I still want to after I've done the rest

Bultgang/jeritsa/marriane etc asked a while ago after this post[https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/zOjoxpxKv6Z] if I was going to make a bigger one and I was working on one but then I decided it would be better to be part of a bigger building
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4 months ago
Congratulations on 10,000 views!
4 months ago
Its both, ive been building it in mecabricks for just over a month but that image is the model imported into blender and left to render for 12 hours because it is just too big
4 months ago
when i made that render i hadnt started on the cliff face yet. ive done about 4000 bricks of the cliff now but that isnt in the image because doing a render takes too long so i probably wont do another render until the model is fully finished
4 months ago
Amy, I just want to say thank you for the amazing render. If your not to busy I need some more help. My men of science needs to be rendered for ideas. And the render needs to be from the front so you can see all three and I can’t get the angle right. I also need one of each character. I understand if this is to big a task for you.
4 months ago
Congrats! 10,000 views is a HUGE milestone! You should be really proud of yourself!!
Also, nice castle! The render is really great!
4 months ago
Congrats, and keep up the great work!
4 months ago
Congrats on 10k! You deserve it with your out standing builds and mocs. I really think you deserve it.
4 months ago
Congrats! I love that render of the castle btw!
4 months ago
CONGRATS! also that castle is AWESOME!
4 months ago
Thank you all so much, Im exited to post this castle build when its finally done but until them maybe ill post some cut out sections of it maybe?
4 months ago
Happy 10k! That castle is super impressive!
4 months ago
Thanks, it will be so much better when im ready to post it
4 months ago
At the corners it looks like you might be planning an extension.
4 months ago
And that is correct, this render doesn't have a back part of the castle, the part of the model seen in this render has no interior but when I build the back part of the castle it will have a nice interior

and over on the left side where the water just cuts off there will be a cliff that has a path along side it with waterfalls falling over it

3 months ago
I love how you put me as:
"Bultgang/jeritsa/marriane etc", now I'm snrki_ppi!
3 months ago
Yup, youre not changing your name as much as ZMBX/Zicfris/gold_ink though
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