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03.3 - Guests
Published 2 months ago
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03.3 - Guests

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[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

Cakery’s walking turned into a stumble. His leg seemed to get worse over time. It would be only a matter of time before it would fall off completely, but Cakery tried not to think about it. The kick from Daedalus had probably damaged his leg a bit more.
“Who is that?” YellowFlame37 asked, and pointed into the distance.
“I don’t know,” Cakery replied as he spotted the figure. It looked like it hadn’t noticed them yet.
“Should we approach it?” YellowFlame37 asked. Daedalus neighed loudly in disagreement.
“I don’t know… Let’s first see who it is,” Cakery replied. They started walking towards the figure, but before long they noticed it's oddly white color.
“That isn’t a user,” Cakery exclaimed. The figure turned and looked directly at them.
“I don’t like this,” YellowFlame37 commented. Daedalus neighed in agreement.
“It’s coming towards us,” Cakery said.
“It’s running towards us,” YellowFlame37 corrected. Daedalus neighed, but no one knew what he was trying to say.
“Let’s go,” Cakery exclaimed. They started running. Cakery had a head start and was still gaining on YellowFlame37. Daedalus galloped at full speed to keep up with Cakery, but quickly noticed that YellowFlame37 had a hard time keeping up. Daedalus slowed down until he was on the same level as YellowFlame37, and then neighed. YellowFlame37 didn’t have time to interpret Daedalus’ neigh and continued running. Daedalus had to neigh again before YellowFlame37 gave his attention. Daedalus shook his head towards his back. YellowFlame37 understood, but couldn’t think of an easy way to climb on his back. Daedalus slowed down, while YellowFlame37 followed his example. It didn’t take long before they had come to a stop. YellowFlame37 hurriedly climbed on Daedalus’ back. Unnatural to the feeling of having someone on his back, Daedalus had to resist the urge to throw him off his back. The fact that YellowFlame37 had to adjust his seat, tickling Daedalus in the process, didn’t make it any easier. Beginning with a slow trot and steadily increasing into a gallop, Daedalus, with YellowFlame37 on his back, tried to catch up to Cakery, who was now far ahead of them. The figure behind them had already caught up to an incredible amount. Having the advantage of being a Pegasus and having its stamina, Daedalus quickly caught up to Cakery.
“What were you doing back there?” Cakery asked. Is this guy serious? Daedalus asked himself.
“What do you think we were doing?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“I don’t know, you tell me,” Cakery replied. YellowFlame37 sighed in frustration. The figure was getting closer.
“Does anyone know where we should run?” Cakery asked.
“Escaping is not the only way to live,” YellowFlame37 replied. That grabbed Daedalus’ attention. Why didn’t I think of this earlier! he thought. He quickly slowed and turned around, lowered his head, aiming for the figure.
“What are you doing?” YellowFlame37 asked. This time Cakery had also stopped running and looked at Daedalus with confusion. A blue beam shot out of Daedalus’ horn, hitting the figure.
“Wait, What?! You have a flippin’ whatever-that-is?!” YellowFlame37 exclaimed. The figure, unharmed of the beam, ran further as if nothing had happened. What the…? Why doesn’t it work against him? Is it because he’s a bot? Daedalus asked himself.
“Um… Can we go now?” YellowFlame37 asked. Daedalus, torn out of his thoughts, continued galloping again. The bot had almost caught up to them.
“Do any of you peeps have a plan?” Cakery asked, his voice booming through the air.
“Maybe kill him with your voice?” YellowFlame37 replied.
“Not funny,” Cakery said.
“I think it is,” YellowFlame37 replied. The bot had almost closed all the distance between them. Daedalus was slowly getting tired. Cakery seemed to be getting slower too. Then, just as it seemed like all hope was lost, Daedalus remembered something the workshop embodiment had said to him: “Your horn can also create portals to almost anywhere”. Daedalus lowered his head and pictured the image of a portal opening in his mind, and concentrated on both a beam, his horn, and the portal. Nothing happened. Then he remembered something else the workshop embodiment had said: “To get to him, simply think about going to him”. With him was meant The_An0nym. How should I think of him if I don’t even know how he looks like? Daedalus thought, but tried it nonetheless. He thought of his own picture of The_An0nym, but mainly focused on his name. Why didn’t that user create a sig-fig? Then it wouldn’t be so hard to picture him, Daedalus thought. He lowered his head again, and fully focused on The_An0nym. Almost through a miracle he felt a reverberation through his head, the sign that he had succeeded. He raised his head again and was just fast enough to catch a glimpse of a black and blue beam opening into a portal.
“How Over Powered are you?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“It’s unfair,” Cakery complained. Daedalus galloped straight through the portal, hoping it’d be peaceful at the other end. Cakery lunged for the small portal, his body smashing onto the floor as he slid the remaining distance. He just made it through the portal before his momentum had depleted. Cakery fell from somewhere and landed roughly on the hard floor. Daedalus had gilded with his wings to break his fall, but new to the feeling of having more than the usual amount of limbs, he had controlled the glide miserably and collided with a bookcase. It didn’t take long before loud confused shouts filled the room. Cakery sat up and looked at the still open portal.
“Close the portal!” Cakery shouted. Daedalus replied with a loud neighbor.
“What’s going on?” Cakery heard Nate_Aardman shout through the confusion. But it was too late. The bot came through the portal and landed on the floor, face down. Cakery expectantly eyed the bot, but it didn’t move anymore.
“What in the flippin’ flip is going on here?” The_An0nym wanted to know.
“Anon! What are you doing here?” Cakery asked.
“Existing,” The_An0nym replied.
“Why isn’t the bot moving?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“It has lost connection. It’s basically useless now. Normally it can’t pass through any portals, so this is a very rare case,” The_An0nym replied. Daedalus neighed.
“Cakery, where is your left leg?” The_An0nym asked. It was only in that moment that Cakery realized that, as he had feared, his leg had fallen off.

[End of 03.3]
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2 months ago
He is fairly overpowered...

But at least I can do backflips!
2 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
2 months ago
sorry about his leg it must be scary for that to happen its great stories i wish i was in it.
2 months ago
HA, you think dadle is overpowered? foolish humans. (see? it's a common expression!)
he is no match for the power oooooffff...

*starts dancing awkwardly and stupidly*
*everyone stares ant the figure who seems to be having a stroke*

haHA! that's right, so-called "Over Powered" dadle! you can't top me now that I'm danci-*trips and faceplants on the floor*


*limps out of the room*
*bonks doorframe*
*falls unconsious*
*dreams of a thousand dancing doorframes attacking dadle*
*they lose*
D'Arvit. even in my dreams, I lose!
2 months ago
Great chapter! Daedalus really is overpowered if he can make noisy neighbours appear out of thin air!
2 months ago
Jaze_Dragon - Thanks!! & XD

Justy -
2 months ago
Nice chapter and interesting new developments!
1 month ago
@justyouraveragebuilder - Dadle?
1 month ago
By the way Anon, since there isn't a piece for folded wings, when my wings are folded against my body just get rid of them (so I look like a unicorn). Is that OK?
1 month ago
General_Veers - Thanks!!

Daedalus - Good to know
1 month ago
"By God, sir, I've lost my leg!"
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