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July Armageddon Update
Published 11 months ago
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Greetings, my burrahobbitses. As you may already know, I am a procrastinator. (I mean... I guess that's big news, right?)


Well, in the past few weeks, I've been thinking about the future of "Armageddon", and I'm certainly going to be completing the story - I just think it will take a bit longer than I suspected. New chapters every month? I just don't think that cuts it

I will definitely try to put out more chapters in a shorter amount of time; but like I said... I am a HUGE procrastinator, so I thank you so very much for bearing with me, in all my rants, rages, and even a bit of kerfuffles. O_O xDD

Now. To the actual-factual news, ladies and gents. While you wait for me to drudge along with the next chapter, which is number three if you must know (these forgetful little burrahobbitses, will they ever learn?), I've released a new vehicle belonging to "Hammond Bourne," a character in my next chapter. It is buildable IRL, as I converted it here myself

I hope you like it, and God Bless as always!

Signing off,

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11 months ago
Awesome! If you need any help, just tell me!
I might not do it right away though depending on how FoR is going.
11 months ago
Thanks bro!! I will definitely ask you my guy

Yessir! Me too xD
11 months ago
Wow, that hot-rod is a great build! Also, YEAH BABY!


BTW, Are you going to make an Armageddon Discord?
11 months ago
Just saw your tags!

11 months ago
Always nice to meet a fellow procrastinator
11 months ago
Thanks for the awesome ride! For a sec I was like “ain’t he to young to have a license?" But then I remembered that he’s sixteen

They see me rollin’
11 months ago
Sounds good! That hot-rod is great, by the way! I couldn’t help but notice the non-existential jumper plate at the back, though.
11 months ago
It’s like the king of illegal techniques.
11 months ago
Thank you so much! HOT DAWGGGGG!!!

I actually had forgotten; thanks for the reminder


Oh, yes indeed. *Teal'c eyebrow raise*

I had that in mind while building

They hatin'

Thanks man

Oh, gosh... I think it was just a glitch, but I fixed it!
Well... I'll just take that as a compliment
11 months ago
Was that new rendering done in the Mecabricks RenderFarm?
It’s fantastic!
11 months ago
@SnapStudio, IKR? It so cool!!
@LW, I’ve actually only ever heard the Weird Al version
11 months ago
Where I live you have to be 18 to drive without an adult...
11 months ago
Epic render my dude!
11 months ago
Thanks so much guys for the compliments for the renders! They made my day

Yes, they were both made in the MB Render Farm

Yep, me too
11 months ago
Nice renders! BTW, which song are you talking about?
11 months ago
Thanks man! It's called "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al
11 months ago

...not that its all that important... after all... ya'll seam to have done OK without me...

anyways... AWSOME!!!! Thats so cool, just make sure that I (don't) get my hands on in... or it won't last fifteen seconds...

(deep dark secret)

(don't read this)

(do you really want to?)

(Oh boy... here we go...)

(The first time I drove...)

(Are you really doing this?)

(I almost... almost... ran into a train light...)

(end of story...)

P.S. That was not tooo long ago...
10 months ago
YES!!!!! YES!!!!!! IT'S OUT!!!!!!!!!
10 months ago
Your welcome!
I tried to mate it look like if someone has the model, but without blender because I can’t download it. I’m on IPad
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