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Contest - Name Away!
Published 2 weeks ago
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Okay, as some of you may know, I'm writing a book featuring LEGO Characters. smiling face with open mouth And I need your help!

Let me give you a brief description of this book to help you understand the contest a little bit better. winking face

It’s about these online LEGO Fans who though cutting edge technology mysteriously get to meet each other as their Sig-Figs in an incredible cyberspace world.

So here’s where you come in! I need some suggestions on names for the characters, for the LEGO Website featured in the book, and for the book itself. Also, the names for the characters must sound like usernames, since a lot of the world in the book will be the internet.

The winning names get a chance it being featured in my new LEGO Book!

You may enter as many times as you wish! There is also no current deadline, so please name away! smiling face with open mouth
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2 weeks ago
Sounds awesome!! I’ll have to think about names!
2 weeks ago
Should have the lady be named Autumn and her signature builds are giant plant creations.
The other 3? I have no clue... (For now)
2 weeks ago
Sorry about that, it just looks so good on him! And thank you.

@RodgerRoger I'm sorry, but I forgot to add one of the rules earlier. "Also, the names for the characters must sound like usernames, since a lot of the world in the book will be the internet."
2 weeks ago
the dude on the far left is ImDaBrwnNinja73 and the dude on the left is Lumbrjeff.
2 weeks ago
Guy on the right middle: ZeeSnapper, nickname, Zee.
Girl on the right: NightPython, nickname, Python, also NoProblem. (NightPython = NP = NoProblem)
Guy on the left middle: RevJackson, nickname, DaRev.
Guys on the left: MasterOfCoffee. Jk, Brownie. JK xD. TheEarl, nickname, TeaMan.

BTW, this is awesome! I love the idea.
2 weeks ago
@SnapStudio, Heh, I was only jesting

Dude on the left: Hammerist customs (
), Graham007, BronBricker, MS_1 or DaMunch9.
Dude on the mid left: IDK_bricks, Builderman21, Ja0k, Red_Reaper300 or Vest.
SnapStudio: Snapman, snappyJ, Il0okatmyF00t, Flannel, Sn6p or $nap.
Girl on the right: Techno03, Nightowl42, Q_Mara, TheWanderer, 4theGlory or Ravengirl3.

Okay! A lot of those were random names of the top of my head, but I’m tryna throw as many as possible out there

“TheEarl” *narrows eyes suspiciously*
2 weeks ago
NoobBuilder123, I'm soooo imaginative I know...
2 weeks ago
Let's see...ummm...
On the far left, skippy77774, PieMan19373
Next to the one on the far left, sKetchers999, ArnoldKabloooie, ramennoodles5728 (?)
The one that looks like you, Snappy382838, Axe_Dude88, greenthumb,
And finally the one on the far right, Scorpion_Master77777, shdwgrl61

Yeah they're not very good XD

2 weeks ago
how about the website is megabuilders.net
2 weeks ago
Thanks a million for the entries, everyone!

If you have any more suggestions please do share.
2 weeks ago
@SnapStudio, Oi!
And if I have any more I will definitely share
2 weeks ago
Sounds awesome, I cant wait to read it!
2 weeks ago
@Operator: *raises eyebrow questioningly*
2 weeks ago
HB: *Emperor Palpatine cackle*
2 weeks ago

Thank you very much!
2 weeks ago
Site names: MOCcentral, Digilego, Bricks of Cyber, CyberBrick, Brickverse or Bricks of tomorrow.
2 weeks ago
Those are great!
I was actually planning on using the website name as the name of the book.
2 weeks ago

boi I was doing the SAME FRICKIN' THING

But I don't care.

I'll make a figure.
2 weeks ago
@TG, ??? make a fig for what?
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Sorry about that, I didn’t know.

Thank you, but this contest doesn’t have anything to do with making Minifigures...
2 weeks ago

How dumb can I be xD
2 weeks ago
It's good.
2 weeks ago
j2: Ninjachips. xD

HB: Mm hm...

Website name idea: xDBricks.net, HallOfMOCs.com, SnappedLego.tech.
2 weeks ago
Or use Mecabricks and have premission to use it.
2 weeks ago
Thank you guys!

I actually did ask Scrubs about it, but he never replied...

I think I just told him never mind about it, or something like that!
2 days ago
LostConnections.com, PickAPiece.com, a pirating site called mocs_for_rum.com xD IllegalConnections.org, ABitOfLego.com
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