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Colossus Warstrider
Published 2 months ago
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In addition to the cybernetic Dreadknights, the Loyalist elements of the machine cult in the Corvos sub-sector have developed a number of terrifyingly potent War Automata in the size range of Imperial knights and smaller Titian classes.

one of the most Iconic of these is the Colossus Warstrider, a massive beast armed with a powerful array of weaponry and defenses, including an Ion Flare Shield, a pair of infantry-grade heavy weapons, a pair of potent ranged weapons such as those found on Imperial Knights, and either a Demolisher artillery cannon or the terrifyingly powerful anti-air system that is the Icarus Matrix, a twin-linked variant of the Icarus array used by greater Mechnaicus' Onagar dunecrawlers.

further, the Crorvans have created a number of potent and exotic weapons for these powerful machines over the millennia, some of which have begun to find their way to other Mechanicus armies.

The Heavy Torsion Cannon is much like its lesser cousin, save for being horrifically more powerful- under its rapidly rotating gravity fields, even a Titan can be torn to pieces, and entire swaths of infantry rendered into so much bloody vicera.

The Graviton Destrutor is a horrific adaptation of the Graviton Cannon- rather than crack bones or crush tanks, the Destructor focuses such incredible power onto a single point that singularity collapse is incurred- for a few brief seconds, anything nearby is pulled by howling wind and irresistible gravitational force to the target of this increadable weapon; this, however, is but the prelude to its true destructive power, for when the Destructor ceases to fire, the created singularity- far too small to sustain itself- evaporates in an instant, releasing a colossal blast that can stagger even a mighty Warlord Titian. The sole comfort the Machine Cult's enemies possess when this awesome weapon takes to the field is that its mechanisms must be focused carefully, forcing the Warstrider to stand still for a short while.

The Hellstrike Missile Launcher is the one of the rarest systems to see battle, for the secrets of its construction have been lost. nonetheless, the remaining examples are capable of horrific devastation, the drum-fed launchers spraying out missiles as rapidly as an autocannon, missiles which burst in midair and shower their targets in massive sprays of burning Promethium. For obvious reasons, it is a weapon of choice when the foul servants of the Plague God, Nurgle, are on the march.

The Magna-Melta Assault Array is an attempt to replicate and enhance the capabilities of the Cyclonic Melta Lance, which arguably succeeded. while inferior to the Melta Cannon found on titans, the Assault Array is a potent weapon, its triple-barreled form able to melt even the most powerful armor to slag in only a few short blasts. the Assault Array can also be found on the Infernus-pattern Lavaskipper.

Lastly, Colossus Warstriders do possess one major flaw: the Machine Spirit which drives the automata possesses an all-consuming drive to utterly annihilate all those its masters designate as enemies, but lacks the judgement of a human, often using more force than necessary (such as targeting individual Grots with its most powerful weapons) and possessing a complete disregard for concepts such as 'minimum safe distance' and 'danger close.' those that command these massive automata are advised to keep them well away from melee combat, and use its supporting fire with care.

This example is equipped with a Demolisher Cannon, Meltaguns, a Heavy Torsion Cannon, and a Volcano Lance.
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