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70810-1: MetalBeard's Sea Cow
Published 4 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
* Does not include micromanagers, double-decker couch and minifigs (other than MetalBeard).

This was quite a build...

Missing parts:
476 Boat mast
15038 Technic wheel
15344 Grappling hook
15440 MetalBeard's beard
43899 Pike
61975 Whip (coiled)
87751 7 blade propeller
64452pb01 Cow
61287pb001 Globe 1
61287pb002 Globe 2
95228pb01 Bottle w/ ship pattern
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2397 pieces
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4 years ago
Render on the way!

Scrubs - I'm part way through the stickers and have done the bottle. Will send them through when they're finished. I had a go texturing the globe but couldn't get the mapping right - I think the mesh isn't set up well to be textured. I also don't have a good reference for the globe.
4 years ago
Hi, awesome!
I don't think that the globe has any uv map yet. I will look into that.
I just saw on your user page that you live in Auckland. I am too
4 years ago
Wow awesome ! I'll try my new ocean shaders with that model ASAP !
4 years ago
Very clever use of the parts for the sails.
3 years ago
I think I'm going to finally finish this one after I'm done with the Ultimate Batmobile. Going to have to do some modelling again...
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