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The Legend of Zelda — Custom Minifigures
Published 1 year ago
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Some of my custom minifigures based off of Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda" video game franchise.

-Impa (OoT)

(If you are attempting to fool me, it is impossible. We can tell our own by the sheen of our tails.)

-Monkey (MM)
(Do you have a license? This monkey is breaking the law!)

-Majora’s Wrath (MM)
(It seems an Uruk-hai has decided both that he wants to conquer the world, and also that he likes rainbows and stripey socks.)

-Link (MM) (Deku Scrub)
(Evidently obtaining an ocarina grants Deku Scrubs a host of wooden tubas. Seems legit.)

-Sheik (OoT)
(So it’s not enough that this impulsive, proactive-to-a-fault princess is one of the most powerful political and magical figures in Hyrule, they just had to go and teach her ninja skills! Seriously, who thought that would be a good idea!? Probably her nurse…again…)

-Garo Master
(The heavens will be born in the earth, and the earth be born in the heavens. To die without leaving a corpse. That is the way of the Garo.)

-Blue Bubble
...this is a bubble?)

-Blupee (BOTW)
(They actually made an in-universe reason for rupees to be lying about everywhere. That is epicness.)

-Moon Child (Odolwa)
(I wonder...what does your face...look like...behind...that...mask? Oh, nope, never mind. Charlie X references.)

-Pamela (MM)
(It is hard to imagine a more terrible fate than what this poor, sweet child had to endure.)

-Skull Kid (MM)
(He doesn’t seem to like adults. Although he gets along fine with fairies, giant evil moons, maniacal masks, shapeshifters, and enormous Dr. Seuss giants.)

-Link (OoT) (Hyrulean Knight)
(I don’t believe we’ve ever seen an image of post-OoT Link before his grisly demise, but whatever.)

-Link (OoT) (Shade)
(D’you think this could qualify as a sort of Link to the Past, perchance?)

-Happy Mask Salesman
(Despite being jovial enough to live in Cloud Cucco Land…why did he acquire Majora’s Mask in the first place? And why do all the moon children look just like him? Could he actually be the true villain…?)

(“Koolah-Limpah!” ©2000 TingleHimself. Don’t steal them!)

(Saria / Saria / now your song is stuck / in my he-e-ad / for-ev-er…)

-Termina Giant
(Oh, say can you see / They’re based on Dr. Seuss / And they all are called by / the National Anthem too)

(“Oh no, look, the super-powerful final boss who is so dangerous and intimidating… Wait… Um…what's he doing? What....? WHAT!?!??”
-average player's reaction to this boss encounter)

-Midna (Imp)
(A second significantly more ominous game than its predecessor involving a cursed Link, collecting fragments of a shattered benevolent spirit, and an mischievous imp after a mask. Starting to see some trends here…)

-Ganondorf (TP)
(He never let any of his underlings get any LEGO. He said that those toys were too much for them, and he demanded they give them to him.)

-Gerudo Chief Riju
(Fun Fact: Harbors a fondness for stuffed animals, and has several in her room.)

-Yiga Clan Assassin (Footsoldier)
(What? You hate bananas!? I'LL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!)

-Monk Maz Koshia — The Divine Trial
(I thought he was permanently petrified, like all of the other monks.
...and then his hand moved.
...and then there was ten more of him.)

-Sheikah Monk (B)
(Everyone’s favorite emaciated Yoda/Gollum hybrid. I considered using the LOTR Gollum body, but eventually decided against it.)

-Sheikah Monk (A)
("To you who dares to enter this shrine, I am Qwer Ty. In the name of the goddess Hylia, I offer this trial.")

(Fee "Fi" Fo Fum! Your batteries are low, Master!
...Not really happy with the alignment between the prints on the front and sides of the legs, but maybe I'll fix that someday...)

-Link (Skyward Sword)
(Complete with motion-control sword!)

-Child Link (Ocarina of Time)
(The younger version of Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.)

-Fierce Deity Link
(Link's form when wearing the Fierce Deity mask, specifically from Majora's Mask.)

-Link (Wind Waker)
(Also known as Toon Link. Magic spiritual railroad tracks not included.)

-Link (Twilight Princess)
(Link's human form from Twilight Princess.)

-Phantom Guardian
(Technically based off of BOTW's amor set, but actually from Phantom Hourglass. Updated with gear.)

-Dark Link
(Technically based off of the design in Breath of the Wild, but it closely resembles Ocarina of Time's Link.)

-Adult Link (Ocarina of Time)
(Totally not Peter Pan with a totally not-Tinker Bell fairy companion.)

-Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess)
(Updated with a custom hairpiece.)

-Red-Maned Lynel
(Embarrassingly, I forgot the horns...updated.)

-Silver (Cursed) Lynel
(Embarrassingly, I forgot the horns...updated.)

(That backpack took a little while...)

-Princess Zelda (Breath of the Wild)
(Based off of one of her "blue shirt" appearances.)

-Link (Old Shirt)
(Based off of Link's appearance at the beginning of Breath of the Wild.)

-Link (Champion's Tunic)
(Based off of the Champion's Tunic and Hylian Trousers combination in BOTW.)

-Red Moblin
(I know, the feet look terrible...)
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1 year ago
You are making me interested in mini-figs smiling face with open mouth (I generally tend to ignore them.)
Loved Red-Maned Lynel, it looks majestic!
1 year ago
Who exactly is Beedle?
1 year ago
Nice phantom!
1 year ago
No problemo!
1 year ago
Much better on Link. Better lighting too. Have you tried HDRi's?
1 year ago
@Samino That's not particularly supposed to be a "better" Link: he's just a different incarnation of Link as opposed to the first. winking face Thanks though. face with stuck-out tongue Yep, using HDRi's, although the lighting setup has not changed at all throughout all of these renders.
1 year ago
I thought so. I've heard of Legend of Zelda fans trying to create a timeline for the series, but they found out the hard way that it juat doesn't make any sense! So do you mean your are using HDRi's in these renders?
1 year ago
@Samino Quite true, Zelda-ers had been attempting to do so for many years—although Nintendo released an official timeline a few years back (it actually kind of makes pretty decent sense if you squint hard enough).

Yes, I'm using HDRi's. It's a fairly common practice.
1 year ago
Toon Link is pretty cute! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 year ago
what is your render motor(blender cycle, cinema 4d, MECABRICKS...)
1 year ago
@Samino Thanks!

@MasterBricks I've been using the Blender Cycles render engine for these renders, although I am more familiar with Blender Internal.
1 year ago
Nice job on the background texture! Maybe you should try adding some scene objects or something.
1 year ago
@Samino Thank you—though as really the only purpose of any sort of background here at all is just to provide someplace for the minifigure to stand (it's just two lone faces with the most rudimentary of textures applied.), there's really no point in making an actual scene.
1 year ago
Okay. Just thought some extra detail in the scene would look nice.
1 year ago
One question, how do you make those hair pieces? They are beyond realistic (not photo realism)! And how did you learn to model those accessories!?!?
1 year ago
@Samino I sent you a private message. This comment thread is beginning to get a little bit crowded. winking face
1 year ago
Very true! winking face
1 year ago
So what is it with all of these monks, Qwerty7556?
1 year ago
Now that makes sense. That is one creeeepy monk1
6 months ago
Incredible! Face with open mouth
6 months ago
These are fantastic! How do you rig them like this? I have been attempting for months now, but to no avail.
6 months ago
This needs to be animated!
6 months ago
Oooh, absolutely love the Ganondorf bigfig! thumbs up sign
6 months ago
Thanks! smiling face with open mouth
@Guy0629 It requires significant reworking of the base Mecabricks meshes and can be rather time consuming, so I'll send you a PM so as to be able to go into more detail. winking face
6 months ago
Loved all of these - I hope we're getting a LEGO Zelda theme at some point.
6 months ago
Ah! I remember that song, I've never played the real game, but it is the common theme music in the Legend of Zelda Battle Quest minigame in Nintendo Land for the WiiU. smiling face with open mouth
6 months ago
@Extractinator Thanks! Indeed—IDEAS projects have failed in the past, but with the recent advent of Overwatch you never know.

@Samino Ah! That is a fact about music from Zelda that exists that you told me that I never knew! Never actually looked at anything Nintendo Land before. Lack of Wii U ownership on my part, etc. face with stuck-out tongue
6 months ago
I'm sorry these are amazing to look at. But I can't seem to make anything similar in the workshop. May I ask what did you use to make these exactly?
6 months ago
@RussianWarlock I'm using custom textures (and some custom meshes) created in Blender—custom minifigure parts can't be made in the Workshop, due to the fact all parts in the Workshop are released in actual LEGO products. winking face
6 months ago
Looking good! Keep it up!
5 months ago
Really nice post-Link, its cool to switch between the shade and knight pics for comparison. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
4 months ago
Nice job on Sheik!
1 month ago
Is there anyway we can download these models for Blender?
4 weeks ago
@Broa_Island I currently have no plans for that, but that doesn't mean it won't happen someday... Feel free to use these renders as reference, though! smiling face with open mouth
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