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Rocket Launch Bunker
Published 5 years ago
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This is a bunker I designed for a render I have been working on. If you open it in the workshop you can hide the roof and walls (they are in a group) so you can see inside.
This bunker is where several scientists working for the Air Force are launching a rocket. I used several photos of scientists from the 60's as reference.
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5 years ago
Good job MalMan!
5 years ago
@zanna @Masman8675 Thanks guys!

Some info I was going to post but forgot.
This was rendered at 1500 sample and took about 50 hours.
Because this is a dimly light scene it had a lot of noise (even at 1500 samples!) but I found out about the awesome denoise feature which was a life saver!
5 years ago
I like the lit up panels in the render. Very cool.
5 years ago
@SafePit Thank you! I cut out the screen from the decoration file and imported it as a plane. I then made a node setup with the screen image as the color of the emission and some other stuff. Anyways I might post a short tutorial on the forums on how I made them. That is if anybody is interested.

@wlange Thanks!
5 years ago
@MalMan35 interesting, I look forward to seeing your tutorial.
5 years ago
Noticed it too, it looks really neat.
I'd be interested in a tutorial.
5 years ago
Here is when I wish I could do stuff like that.
Very cool Malman!
5 years ago
I just wanted to give little update about the tutorial. My life has been busy so I haven't had the time to write the tutorial. I'm really sorry that I haven't. I would really like to do it. Maybe one of these days I'll find the time to do it.
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