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Light It Up chapter 22
Published 1 month ago
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Previously on Light It Up: The ninjas are in the Ninjago jungles to train Daisy, the Elemental Master of Light. Brothers Bob and Doug led them to a sacred part of the jungle and showed them prophecies of the war to come and the Panthera who are assumed ancestors of Daisy. Now they are talking to someone in the First Realm via radio.

Chapter 22: The First Realm

Kai perked up. “Faith.”
“Wait, who’s Faith again?” Nya questioned.
“We met her in the First Realm, remember?” Jay was grinning so wide I thought his face would crack in two. “And she came to warn us about the Oni!”
“There are other Realms?” I was shocked. I knew about the Departed Realm, but it was destroyed by the ninjas. I had no idea there were more.
Lloyd nodded at me. “16 to be exact. We’ve been to maybe seven of them.”
“So, Faith, how’re you doing?” Cole asked into the radio.
“Things have been going very well in The First Realm,” she replied in an accent that almost reminded myself of mine. “The dragons and our tribe have been living in peace with each other for a few years now. I was made chieftess of our tribe, and we’ve even been able to turn a few more tribes over to our side.”
“There were other dragon hunters?” Zane asked.
“Yes,” her voice began to crack a lot in radio static. “Our transmission seems to be—I don’t have much—tell Bob and Doug to—” Then it ended.
Our eyes went to Bob and Doug immediately. The brothers shared a look and both nodded in agreement before turning back to us.
“I think Faith wants you to use the grotto for its original design.” Bob walked away from the radio and out of the grotto with Doug close behind. We followed as well.
“Original design?” Kai rushed to get ahead of us.
Pix peered curiously at the yellow rocks around us. “It does seem to have another purpose than just looking pretty.”
“Yeah, like women!” Kai said, probably a little louder than he meant to.
“Kai!” Nya exclaimed angrily. “Take that back right now!”
“Actually,” I spoke up, “he’s paying us a complement.”
She turned around and glared at me. “I didn’t ask for your opinion. To me, and Pix, it’s an insult.”
P.I.X.A.L. shrugged. “I don’t think I have the ability to be insulted by a comment like that.”
“Fine. Just me.”
I was slightly enjoying this. “Kai’s saying that we’re pretty, but there’s also more to us than just that.” I obviously won this disagreement, because Nya said nothing more about it.
Kai turned to wink at me.
“See this painting here?” Bob said, starting a new conversation that was probably more important than our other one. “It’s basically telling us that this is a portal to the First Realm.”
“A portal!” Jay shouted.
Doug nodded, pushing in a circular part of the rock right below the drawing of a swirling red dragon. Suddenly, the grotto’s U got cloudy inside and I was instantly reminded of Ninjago’s Dark Cloud. But this was not that. These clouds were white with black lightning striking in them.
“I didn’t know that you could travel between Realms without Traveler’s Tea,” mused Zane.
“If you cleared up some space in that tin can head of yours, you might have room for a smidge of info of this place,” Kai said, smirking.
Zane was silent for a moment. “I’m going to take that as a complement, like the women.”
“This is the only portal known to us that isn’t created from Traveler’s Tea,” Bob told Zane.
Doug gestured to me, then to the portal. “Go,” he said.
I raised my eyebrows. “Me?” I whispered.
He nodded.
“Just me?”
Doug nodded again.
I looked to Lloyd and then made eye contact with the rest of the ninjas. “Why can’t they go, too?”
“It’s just meant for you,” explained Bob, leaning on his katanas. “Time is passing, Daisy, you have to go now or never before the portal closes. It’s your choice. But the prophecy indicates that you travel alone.”
I took a deep breath, my insides twitching with either fear or excitement. I was about to go to another realm. By myself.
Lloyd came and placed a hand on my shoulder. “You’ll do great. Bob and Doug know what they’re talking about, you won’t get hurt.”
“Why does she always get to do all the cool stuff anymore?” Nya pouted.
“You’re being a baby,” said Pix flatly.
Nya’s mouth twisted up in an expression I couldn’t quite place.
I looked at Pix with gratitude and mouthed, thank you. She smiled at me, and then we suddenly became friends in that one moment.
“Hurry!” Bob shouted to me.
Doug literally put his hand on my back and pushed me toward the left U of the grotto. Not roughly, but giving the indication that I have to hurry up or be left here. Before going through, I turned to look at everyone again. “See you soon.”
Doug let me go and I was face-to-face with black and white lightning clouds. I pushed all of my normal instincts aside and just went for it. I jumped through the portal, and the second I did, the lightning changed to a bright yellow. I was falling, spinning, and tumbling. And then, I rolled onto a hard, sandy ground.
I heard Faith’s voice say, “Welcome to The First Realm.”
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1 month ago
Very interesting. I am loving the comedy in this chapter had me lol
1 month ago
That thing that Kai said was super funny
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